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22 Mar 2016
Classifieds / Random Classifieds Ads Poland [261]

Merged: Will outdoor market in Grojec open on Sunday Easter Holiday 27 March?

I plan to buy something at the outdoor market in Grojec (big open air market which sells everything, in the same compound with Samochode market)

on Sunday 27/3. This market opens every Sunday but the problem is that the coming Sunday is Easter Holiday so i do not know if the market still opens?

Please help.
14 Dec 2015
Work / South African wants to move to Poland, please provide some input? [59]

I was in South Africa for few years and i can say that apart from terrible crimes, South Africa is a beautiful country. It has nice weather and is a paradise for golf.

Welcome to Poland.
I know that South African people often immigrate to UK, Australia, New Zealand.... why don't you make a try.
If you go to Poland, the biggest challenge is language and Polish language is hard to learn.