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23 Apr 2016
UK, Ireland / The best way for a Polish person to learn English? [34]

The best way cut of any contact with Polish people move away were there is know polisy community and then you will force to learn English because you will hear only English so you will learn a lot faster then living with group of Polaks and speaking there luggage you all ready know Polish.
23 Apr 2016
Genealogy / Want to find a person [752]

I'm looking for somebody I never stop caring about she lived in Poland lost time I seen was 1982 her name was SYLWIA SZCZUREK LIVED IN WALBRZYCH PIASKOWA GORA SHE HAD SISTER NAME ALEKSANDRA from what I know they move to Walbrzych from Stargard Szczeciński. Sylwia zawsze kochała Bernardyny prawdopodobnie mieszka teraz w niemczech bardzo proszę o pomoc

stick to English language please