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1 Sep 2015
Work / Cost of living in Lodz, is 2450-6400 PLN salary enough? [25]

Hello everyone
I received a job offer in Lodz (Poland) with a net salary of 2450 PLN per month, with a bonus of about 400 PLN per month (just for the first 3 months of contract).

Except the bonus, are 2450 PLN net enough for a decent living in Lodz?
Thank you
1 Sep 2015
Life / The best Psychiatric Hospital in Poland? [11]

Merged: Possibility of psychiatric therapy in Lodz, Poland

Hello everyone.I am Stefano, I am 23 years old and I am Italian.

I am affected of a form of schizophrenia, and I receive monthly an intramuscular injection of pamoate olanzapine (medicine), in a public hospital of my Italian city (Taranto).

The therapy provides me positive effects and I need/want to continue the therapy in Lodz (Poland).
Is it possible to continue the therapy (receive the injections) in Lodz, maybe in a public hospital of Lodz?
Can you provide me contacts of psychiatrists of Lodz please (emails, phone numbers, FB contacts...)?
I have the TEAM card (European health care card) with Italian national insurance code, printed on it.
Thank you for your help!!
21 Sep 2015
Work / Cost of living in Lodz, is 2450-6400 PLN salary enough? [25]

Merged: Living in Lodz with 2450 PLN

Hello everyone!!!
I received a job offer in Lodz as customer service agent, with a NET salary of 2450 PLN.
In the first three months, I will receive a bonus of 500 PLN by the company to find an accomodation.
Is 2450 PLN a good net salary to live in Lodz? (taking in consideration rent,food,internet connection,nightlife)
Can i rent a car with that salary?
Thank you
21 Sep 2015
Real Estate / Monthly Rental for a decent flat in Lodz - cost? [13]

Merged: Finding a flat in Lodz for 600-800 PLN per month

Hello everyone.
Is it possible to find a 1 room flat (no shared rooms!!!) in Lodz, with the price of 600 PLN and including the bills?
Thank you