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The best Psychiatric Hospital in Poland?

Roslinda 3 | 3
12 Nov 2011 #1
Dear all,

I'm just moving in to Poland, and appreciate some info of the best Psychiatric Hospital, currently I'm in Piortkow Trybunalski, Lodz. Appreciate any reply. Thank you.

Best regards,
Ant63 13 | 410
13 Nov 2011 #2
I believe there is a good one in Poznan. Check the internet.
OP Roslinda 3 | 3
13 Nov 2011 #3
Thank you, will do that. But Poznan is quite far from my place. anyway, will check the internet.
dtaylor5632 18 | 1,999
13 Nov 2011 #4
What exactly are you needing?
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,088
13 Nov 2011 #5
I'm in Piortkow Trybunalski, Lodz. Appreciate any reply.
tel. (42) 652-94-01
stefanotir 1 | 5
1 Sep 2015 #6
Merged: Possibility of psychiatric therapy in Lodz, Poland

Hello everyone.I am Stefano, I am 23 years old and I am Italian.

I am affected of a form of schizophrenia, and I receive monthly an intramuscular injection of pamoate olanzapine (medicine), in a public hospital of my Italian city (Taranto).

The therapy provides me positive effects and I need/want to continue the therapy in Lodz (Poland).
Is it possible to continue the therapy (receive the injections) in Lodz, maybe in a public hospital of Lodz?
Can you provide me contacts of psychiatrists of Lodz please (emails, phone numbers, FB contacts...)?
I have the TEAM card (European health care card) with Italian national insurance code, printed on it.
Thank you for your help!!
jon357 74 | 22,827
1 Sep 2015 #7
You should bring a letter from your doctor. Since you'll be working in Poland, you'll be paying into their version of the National Health Service and they will organise your treatment. You will need to consult a doctor when you arrive - in order to get an appointment initially, you will probably have to pay.

You may find that there is a preferred alternative to that particular medication and that they will want to use that instead.
5 Nov 2015 #8
where is Starogard Gdanski psychiatric hospital and can you get there by public transport from Gdansk. thanks
cjj - | 281
5 Nov 2015 #9
location : try googling this
szpital psychiatryczny starogard gdański

how to get there :,38040,84762,rozklad-jazdy-pks-gdansk-starogard-gdanski.html#veryTop
19 Nov 2020 #10
Looking for private English speaking Psychiatric in Elk-Poland for sleeping disorder. Any point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
gumishu 14 | 6,297
19 Nov 2020 #11
I found one psychiatrist in Ełk but I couldn't verify is he speaks English through internet - here's his phone number: 508 088 110 or 88 732 5240

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