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25 Jun 2015
Law / Right Hand Drive cars in Poland 'indefinitely' but not registered - doable? [21]

Merged: When can I register my RHD car in Poland?

I am told it is still not possible in Lublin. Any advice? I have heard some cities are allowing this but I am finding it extremely difficult to get any information from anyone.

Has anyone managed to successfully register a RHD car in Poland. If so I would love to know how.
25 Jun 2015
Law / Is it possible to get an MOT on a RHD car in Poland? [28]

Forfour44 I am interested to speak with you for some advice on my UK car in Poland. Basically I am having problems understanding registration and MOT details etc.

My UK MOT has expired as has my insurance and I want to make use of the car. Can I insure an English car and get an MOT in Poland? I live in Lublin and see you mentioned the Ford garage.

Is you car still registered and taxed in the UK?

I went to the Ford Garage in East Lublin and they said no they will only work on a Ford car. Was it the one near Turykczna?
25 Jun 2015
Law / How /where to recruit workers in Poland? [15]

I would suggest employing him as freelance and get him to go self employed. This way you avoid a lot of problems. I also run a digital marketing agency