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How /where to recruit workers in Poland?

beamaker 1 | -
11 Oct 2011 #1
can someone tell me what is the best way to recruit people in warsaw and lodz
any webs recommendations?
i am looking for an assistant and few more employees for our activity of RC toys in Poland.
PWEI 3 | 612
11 Oct 2011 #2
What kind of people?
25 Jun 2015 #3
Merged: How to hire a foreigner in Poland?

Hello everyone,

I have opened a company in Poland (Digital marketing agency) and now we want to hire an Iranian guy who lives in China. But I am not going to bring him to Poland. We will only transfer him to Poland if he does his job well. The company that provides me with accounting and HR services says they don't know how to do it, what contract I need to sign with him and how it all works. Is there any gov. organisation that can tell me how I can legally hire this guy without bringing him to Poland?! Did anyone have such experience? Thanks.
David84 - | 3
25 Jun 2015 #4
I would suggest employing him as freelance and get him to go self employed. This way you avoid a lot of problems. I also run a digital marketing agency
25 Jun 2015 #5
Thanks for your advice. He did work for me as a freelancer. The reason why I want to hire him legally is that I MAY want to bring him to our office in Poland after some time. He did a great job for us in China. If I just keep him as a freelancer, I may lose this guy any time. A bit complicated:)
jon357 72 | 21,173
25 Jun 2015 #6
self employed

Just as a supplier, let him issue an invoice. Whether he breaks any rules on registration is a matter for the tax office etc in Iran.
jewellover 1 | 3
4 Sep 2015 #7
Merged: Where can I hire worker for business in Poland? (Krakow or Wroclaw)


I am a Korean and i will establish LLC for business in Poland as a branch.

I need to hire employee for the business. Where can i get information of employee? most of the site which is introduced on Polishforums for employee not employer.

and Please also let me khow how much salary will be suitable for beginner.

The employee who i am looking for is as below.

1. English speaker
2. negotiate price and condition with supplier in Poland. cosmetic, coffee machine, powder milk etc.
3. calculate amount and make invoice
4. assist my works
5. arrange freight and local trucking delivery schedule.

and i don`t care employer`s level of education, color of skin, etc. but he or she should be bright and have good mind for working.

my office will be located in Krakow or wroclaw.

Please advise how to hire employ :)
5 Jul 2018 #8

Recruiting workers from Poland - what is the best way?

Hello everyone.

We are a construction company based in Estonia, and we were wondering due to lack of Estonian skilled workers, what is the best way to recruit workers from Poland or how can we do it ?

Thank you for all the help !
dolnoslask 6 | 2,989
5 Jul 2018 #9
Sorry Karl it is really hard to get good workers or construction companies in Poland, I have to wait months sometimes before someone reliable is free to do some work.

The plain fact is that the majority of good tradesmen have already left Poland and a working in Germany and the rest of Europe.
TheWizard - | 236
5 Jul 2018 #10
There is a way you can do it. Offer more money than the countries to the west.
5 Jul 2018 #11
My offer would be fairly good, i just dont know any places where to find workers since i dont speak any polish aswel myself.
TheWizard - | 236
5 Jul 2018 #12
You need to contact some recruitment agencies. There must be lots of them i am guessing? Can i ask, where are the Estonian skilled workers?
5 Jul 2018 #13
There are very few here who are good at what they do but not alot who you could trust as a good worker, alot of the guys drink or do not have any skills or just dont show up when needed etc..

If you guys know any good recruitment agencies, please let me know :)
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,643
5 Jul 2018 #14
Few poles living in Poland work construction anymore. Abroad esp in UK and USA a ton of poles work in the field mostly residential and commercial, including myself.

If you wish to recruit good honest construction labor you'd want to mainly target Ukrainians. Tons of recently arrived Ukrainian laborers, skilled electricians plumbers carpenters etc dominate the construction industry. Usually it's a pole running a small business or as a foreman but the majority of the workers are Ukrainian. Unless you're going or offer wages comparable to Usa uk germany etc you wont find good skilled poles. Even Ukrainians that have a lot of skills and are responsible

I can tell you the hardest part of construction isn't getting work. We have more jobs that we can even handle and all of them priced for 30% to even as high as 100% profit depending on the job, time, etc. The hardest part is finding good skilled honest guys

Good luck

Karl if you want pm or email me. I can help you out with this further.
Lyzko 42 | 9,138
5 Jul 2018 #15
It's kind of a mixed bag, KarlSaar.

On the one hand, other posters are right, namely, that Polish construction workers are hard to come by these days. On the other hand, albeit more expensive than, say,

those from Africa or Southeast Asia, many haven't worked outside of Poland (save for refugees to the UK, Sweden, or even the US), therefore won't probably speak much English, while at the same time tending to be the soul of diligence along with honest labor and are willing to pick up new skills.

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