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21 Jul 2017
Language / How to say this in Polish, any help greatly appreciated! [5]

Hi everyone, I am trying to translate this into Polish, I know many of the words but I am aware that meaning is lost when not translated entirely correctly. Any help is so appreciated.

"Goodnight gorgeous girl, rest peacefully knowing that your uniqueness makes everyone else look merely ordinary, and that your beautiful face will be in my dreams, sleep well, and don't get lost"

Thank you all!
@ JakeP
20 Jul 2017
Language / Short Polish<->English translations [1033]


How to say this in Polish, help greatly appreciated!

Hi everyone,

I am trying to say -

"I hope you are having a wonderful night."


"What comes easy isn't worth having, and what is worth having doesn't come easy."

Thanks for any help, much appreciated.
For the first I have "Mam nadzieję, że masz cudowną noc", but I am not certain. For the second I have no clue.
Thank you all.
30 May 2017
Language / Short Polish<->English translations [1033]


How to say this is Polish?

I want to say, "I bet you look even more beautiful when you blush"

I have: "Założę się, że wyglądasz jeszcze więcej piękniej, gdy rumienisz się."

Any help hugely appreciated!
13 Jun 2015
Language / Bought "Rosetta Stone" software and trying to learn Polish... [59]


About a week ago I purchased Rosetta Stone Polish and its going really well, but there are a few things that have confused me which I need to rationalise before moving forwards, below are the several issues I have found thus far, help with any of them would be a massive help, thanks to anyone that can!

1. Kanapka (Sandwich) becoming Kanapki - i.e. Kobiety Jedzą Kanapki (even though earlier on sandwich was kanapka)
2. Woda (Water) becoming wode and then becoming wody - For some reason it becomes wode when a man and boy both have a glass of water and wody when their is no water i.e. kobiety nie pija wody.

3. Jajko (Egg) becoming Jajka.
4. Jabłko (Apple) becoming jabłka.
5. Kawa (coffee) becoming Kawe.
6. Pies (dog) becoming Psa when it is being walked?
7. Kot (cat) becoming kota when it is with a person.
8. Gazeta (newspaper) becoming gazetę when it is being held by two people.

Any help would be so appreciated as I cant move past this lesson without understanding everything! Thanks in advance!!
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