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29 Mar 2015
News / Poland: A Successful case of low criminality in Europe? [97]

Pam, I guess Google is wrong then? When you type in "how many Muslims in Sweden", you get this:

"Today, 350,000 of Sweden's population of 9.5 million are Muslims. On a recent visit to Sweden, Zahran, a Muslim, saw that the Swedes' welcoming and tolerance have been abused by many Muslims. They respond to Sweden's kindness by seeking to Islamicize the country."

There have been many instances of pro-Muslim native Swedish women that were raped and killed by Islamic immigrants. But of course the truth is not something many want to hear.
22 Mar 2015
Real Estate / Land dilemma - registering land and properties in Poland [8]

Merged: Website with a map to look at dzialki (lot / piece of land) to buy in Poland?

Is the only website with a map that we can use to look at potential dzialki to buy? I cannot find another one. Thank you for any help if anyone knows.

Here you can check similar pages to otodom. Maybe you'll find yet some.