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25 Mar 2015
History / Your favourite Polish Patriotic films [49]

Exactly, the remake's BS anyway, crappy revisonist film.. when I was growing up eveyrone knew that the Westerplatte defenders were heroic soldiers that never asked a question, never feraed the enemy and died in the defence of Fatherland.. now this is being undermined teaching the youth that its okay to be scared and to try and betray your fellows to save your own skin..

I am no commie :) but I have to say that the commie cinema knew what kinda of message to give and if you wouldstrip all the commie bullcrap that they were forced to link in, thestories of those film is quite remarkable and tahts how it should have stayed.

The remake shows a conflictbetween the commander - who is being called a fanatic and a secon-in-command who is a coward.. I think that sometimes what the film makers take us realism is actually a falsification of truth which also dishonours the Heros.
24 Mar 2015
History / Your favourite Polish Patriotic films [49]

Michnik vel Szechter :)
And Szechter was a stalinist judge.. yeah its true Pland will not be Free withou a major lustration and a purification of the secret services, govt institutions and parties themselves..

Its so weird and ad how in the film when Mikke's asked " Do the results from the lists surprise you ?" He says Yes we are very shocked.. he was probably talking about people like Walesa TW Bolek for an example :/

Trailer of a film about the execution of Generakl Emil Fieldorf "Nil" ps:

doesn't mean I would vote PIS

Lets not get into the modern politics :)
I myself will be voting PiS, but i also think of RN

Heres a link to Zakazane Piosenki, one of the films I'll always enjoy.. even in the darkest hour of Communism you can "smell" the 2RP in this hah

Although a Commie-timed film about the Defenders of Westerplatte..still better than that crap made in the "Free" Poland or PRL-bis :)
24 Mar 2015
History / Your favourite Polish Patriotic films [49]

Unfortunately no..I think it is mainly because this part of the history is still very new to us (the Poles) since the war against communism (1944-1963) has been kept completely out of the publics eyes, or they would just lie about them calling them traitors or bandits.. thus you know, firstly we need to make our own society aware of this sad/glorious part of the history first.. then we can export it :)

On the 1st of March Poland celebrates the day of the Cursed Soldiers.. here's an amazing short video presenting a march of the Cursed throughout Warsaw..

and here's another great patriotic film:

its based on real events, the main character is a girl named Danuta Siedzikowna, nickname: Inka, a war orphan who decides to go to the forest- aka join the underground when the soviets invade. Since the anti-communist underground army respected the Geneva convention she was never given a gun, as she was "a medical officer". She was caught by the UB, and thrown in for a show-trial. The nationwide newspapers called her "Bloody Inka" and the propaganda told the people that she had killed unarmed UB officers.

She was beaten, tortured and raped, but she never gave up anyone, no name, no address, just before the execution she had managed to send a short message out to her grandma saying " Granny, I have behaved in the way I should".

She was only 17
23 Mar 2015
History / Your favourite Polish Patriotic films [49]

Dont lose hope!
I promise you we will change it in the next 10-20 years :)

.. talking about the past and the nasty basterd Spawacz :)

Do you remember the Night Swap??
23 Mar 2015
History / Your favourite Polish Patriotic films [49]

Not a fan of Krzyzacy :) a bit too old for me hah though I have enjoyed the book!
Deluge is the film i can watch any time though awesome stuff
23 Mar 2015
History / Your favourite Polish Patriotic films [49]

Here's mine, "The Death of Witold Pilecki"

It tells a story pf one of Polands best sons, a person that volunteered to Aushwitz to then get out of there and send reports of what is going on there.

After the war he was sent to Poland to try and fight for the Free Poland, he was sentenced to death by the Peoples Republic after being caught, thrown on a show trial and tortured...

Hres an Enhlish language link about Pilecki:

And this is a lecture of the world renown professor Marek Chodakiewicz which I personally had a pleasure to meet ;)

He talks about the anti-communist rising in 1945+
23 Mar 2015
Life / Can many young Poles speak German? [72]

I'd never choose to live in Germany, their government and lawas are stikll widely anti-Polish and the population is still quite racist towards the Poles (talking from an experience unfortunately)

I have good memories from the UK though, the state doesnt care which langue you speak, you are given time to integrate and people are generally friendlier.

PS: Who would want to work for the Reich ;)
22 Mar 2015
Life / Polish rock bands from the 70's and 80's. [16]

Merged: Polish Music

Hey guys
what are your favourite Polish songs (preferaably from 70s-80s-90s) stuff that are being made now are crap :)
since this is my first thread on the site, i guess i will introduce myself as well
I am a Pole, I immigrated to the UK for couple of years, but now I am and a bit bored haha - thus i have found this forum :)

The question mainly goes to the foreigners living in PL, or that like Polish music but still live abroad..

let me start...