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Walker Nepal   
10 Mar 2015
Study / A foreign student wants to study Tourism. Visa in Poland? [7]

Merged: Student visas

I m graduate student in bachelor in hospitality and tourism management . So now I am going to apply for master degree on hospitality and tourism in Poland . I found Poland as a unique destination for study's hospitality and tourism management among other countries in Europe and I also heard about the hospitality and tourism business of Poland is much more different in Europe . With my studies I also want to have a good experience on the field of hospitality as employee or as a trainee . So , is there any guidelines or answers that I can get from you citizens wether I should go for it or not ??? And my agent is suggesting me Warsaw university ... Is it possible ???

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I am planing to study polish but I am a foreign where I actually need to submit a visa for Poland.
well I want to know If I can go study polish in Poland and which academic or school can I submit my request?
Please help me!

Meaning as "studying in Poland" is actually a way to get into Schengen?