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19 May 2015
Work / Advice on Teaching English in Poland [709]

My advice here is to look at the big picture, as in your future career in teaching.

I would always recommend doing a CELTA because in ESL world it's trusted currency. Arguments aside on its real world validity and the ability to teach, a CELTA will always open many ESL employment doors. I even used it this year to secure online teaching jobs.

In other words a CELTA is not necessarily about you, but more about what employers want you to have.
21 Apr 2015
Life / Visa medical tests needed in Poland as a requisite for a job in another country [3]

Ok, so I have been offered a job in another country, and as part of the process I have to obtain a medical certificate.

The form is a standard medical form that, largely requires self cert, however apart from the usual items that doctors check is HIV blood test, X-Ray, and ECG.

I have asked around if this is possible, via hospital etc and the usual reply is cannot be done. (I live in a smallish city and am willing to pay)

What are my options?

Surely, with translator in tow, I can go to the hospital or an obliging doctor.
It's either that or I will have to go back home - Germany - and get it done, however I can ill afford this as I am self employed.
11 Feb 2015
Life / iPad-Tablet usage in Poland [6]

Of course smalltown is the key factor in this of course. Just thought that with tablets being around for 5 years or so that the law of averages meant I would have seem them about in day to day life.

I grew up in smalltown south coast England, where it used to be said that the fashions and tastes of London would trickle down about a year later.

Probably explains why my students look half bemused half fascinated when I teach from my iPad.

Just don't like wasting paper, lugging around 5 coursebooks, and having relatively infrequent printer access.

Now for my training my students in the dark arts of social media...
11 Feb 2015
Life / iPad-Tablet usage in Poland [6]

I currently live and teach in smalltown Southern Poland and was wondering...

In my daily life I have rarely, if at all, seen people using a tablet - whether it be a 300PLN special upto iPads.

I would have thought I would have seen a student using one before the start of class, or someone reading one whilst waiting for a bus.

I know they are still, relatively speaking, an expensive luxury item, but surely Poland is not exempt from the permeation of these devices in our daily lives?

Could there be a divide between big city, small town Polish life?

Just curious that's all, not voicing a specific opinion.
9 Jan 2015
Travel / Winter break Road trip - Poland or Ukraine? [6]

My post was salaried when I took up the post, but 'strangely' they changed the contract to a self-employed one 6 weeks later, which meant no paid holidays paid per hour of work instead of set hours per month. So for that month I will only receive 2 weeks pay.Not happy about that one!

No I won't be driving just used the phrase road trip for a catch all phrase. Train, bus, marshrutka either

As my OP stated my choices are stay at home and go slowly window licking mad or see something of the world around me.
9 Jan 2015
Travel / Winter break Road trip - Poland or Ukraine? [6]

So, having been stitched up well and truly by my language school (2 weeks enforced unpaid leave) I am considering options on what to do in this period.

I could sit in my warm apartment and perfect my net curtain twitching/optimum visiting time to Biedronka skills


Go for a bimble around Poland or Ukraine ( I am in the southeast of Poland)

Any suggestions for a 4-5 day trip with about 1000PLN?

Was thinking about doing a circular route through Poland, Ukraine, Romania, and Slovakia also

Quite open-minded about what I do apart from any winter sport related activities.

Thanks in advance.