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4 Dec 2014
Love / What do Polish guys think of Asian girls? [50]

Well, I always try not to look at foreigners, but it's because I don't want them to feel uneasy. Actually I would like to talk with these people. For me something new, original, means something interesting. All of people that I talked to about foreigners share my opinion. So I think that even though people may stare at you with gloomy faces (somehow when I finish school, I feel so exhausted, that I have not enough energy left to smile. Do we really not smile?), think of it positively.
5 Mar 2015
UK, Ireland / Why English do not like Polish? [417]

I'm not an adult yet, so my point of view may seem childlish, but I found Edinburgh guy's statement not true and highly offensive. Why? My coach, who is nine years older than me had to move to Scotland. I've always admired him: he has always tried to do his best, often in vain - he never joined Polish national team. After he graduated from college, unfortunately there was no job for him. He needed money, because he was raised in a poor neighbourhood, born in a poor family, with only his mother, working as a cook in elementary school. Isn't it only natural to move out in thus situation? Now, my friend has a job in Scotland and he went back to being a contestant and was offered to become a member of Scottish national team, but he refused. So what do you think about this?