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5 Dec 2015
Life / Canadian Moving to Poznan, Poland - what to bring over, areas to avoid, school for a child. [54]

Well alot has gone on here since I was last on this post lol.
Welcome Monica, I hope you are enjoying your stay here in Poznan. I'm really sorry it took me a bit to respond to you. To be honest I stopped receiving notifications from this blog, so I randomly go on and check. I've sent a private message.

I still haven't found a job but to be honest I have slowed down the search. My son just started preschool, so right now i'm focusing on going to school with him to help with the transition.

@Styd I disagree with you! I find Poland not to be cheap at all! Your experience doesn't count because you are going back and forth from Ireland so you are earning in different coins than what people earn here. Even with your business here you can't compare. Obviously you will find it way cheaper here than in Ireland.

Once I said before, if I were to receive what I was making in Canada and live here of course everything would be super affordable. But that's not the case.

My post clearly said that if you are living in Poland and earning a typical polish wage or even above your average. Life here is still expensive for what you are earning. Even locals that make decent money find it expensive here and trust me they are not being racist.

McDonald's is cheaper in Canada than it is here so don't come at me with that.
I find restaurants stupid expensive here, the quality of food and variety of food isn't the greatest and let's not talk customer service.

I can't blame the waiters completely considering I've heard and seen that alot of people don't tip here. Which was completely shocking to me.
27 Oct 2015
Food / Are there any American/ Canadian/British Grocery stores in Poznan? [3]

I was wondering if any of you fellow Poznanians knew if there is a store (I've heard about one but don't know the name or location) in Poznan where I may be able to find Canadian/American or even British baking goods? or goodies in general?

Thank you in advanced :)
31 Aug 2015
USA, Canada / Car Export from USA / Canada to Poland [30]

In our case we were told all of the above, I'm not a citizen and my husband is a student with polish background who is currently applying for his citizenship. In your case it might be easier. I am almost certain you will have to have the vehicle under your name 6 months prior to shipping just because they want proof that it is indeed yours and that you are not just exporting for business. If not I think the taxes are 23% of the cost of the vehicle. I hope this helps. Just to be 100% id type them a small email and honestly they'll respond quickly.
30 Aug 2015
USA, Canada / Car Export from USA / Canada to Poland [30]

Hi Synech, If you haven't owned the vehicle for the last 6 months you might have an issue. We were told that in order to not pay VAT the car has to been under our name for the last 6 months prior to export, we will have to keep it under our name for a year, prior to clearing customs the car had to be insured in Poland for 6 months ahead. Once those 6 months are up we will have to clear customs once more for another 6 months. So in total we will have to maintain the vehicle under our name for 1 year prior to being able to sell it or trade it. In your case being a citizen you might get away with ridding yourself of the vehicle before hand. while in canada we contacted someone from the polish government website and they replied via email almost immediately. Good luck and I hope this helps.
29 Aug 2015
Life / Canadian Moving to Poznan, Poland - what to bring over, areas to avoid, school for a child. [54]

Now that I have had a little more time to read over the comments, I'd just like to clarify a few of the points I had made earlier on. I have to state that I have never visited Poland or any other European country. I come from Ontario Canada where the summers are hot and the winters are freezing cold. In most of the homes we do use Air conditioning and in the winters we use obviously Central Heating; which I have now learned is different from what Polish people call central heating. (In Canada we have ducts that blow heat and cool air throughout the house using vents in each room.) With all that being said I had no idea that in Poland it wasn't very common to have A.C. in homes or flats. If I would have known that ahead of time, I would have been mentally prepared for it lol. But since my loved ones forgot to mention that to me, it was a shock to arrive in Poznan and realize that I would have to eat the heat and by a fan asap. Now once the first week went by, we were able to adapt just fine and I can see how much of a waste it would be to even have one. The dryer thing I got use to as well. I just hate how long it takes to dry the linen and I wonder how crappy it'll be during the winter.

With in regards to my comment of food being expensive. If you compare prices with Canada, food in Poland is cheaper. If you compare it with Peru, Poland is more expensive. I was shocked bc I was told food in Poland was "sooo cheap". If you are coming to Poland with canadian currency and are getting paid in such monthly, then yes I agree food and living is super cheap. But my husband and I are not coming with such. He is a student now and im currently unemployed and looking for a job. So i will have to say i was shocked at how not so cheap food was the first week I arrived, specially since the first supermarket I visited was a Piotr & paweł. As the weeks have passed I have finally figured out where to shop etc etc.

If you guys have any suggestions as to where to look for employment it would be greatly appreciated.
27 Aug 2015
Life / Canadian Moving to Poznan, Poland - what to bring over, areas to avoid, school for a child. [54]

To be honest I'm not that great at blogging. I it would be best if you could ask specific questions and then I'll answer. I've only been here a month, so I'm still settling in. The biggest issue I've had to deal with is getting my container to be released from Gdynia to Poznan. We ended up shipping our vehicle as well as our home decor, clothes, household items (eg. Mixer, for processor computers) to be honest I regret not bringing my tvs and DVD players. (Canadian and American DVDs don't play on polish DVDs players). The language is obviously an issue, although I've managed to get around the shops fine without being able to speak Polish.

The no air conditioning during the first weeks and Poznan was a bit of a shock for me. It's been extremely hot in Poznan. Another shock for us was how expensive food is!! I was honestly expecting something else. Mind you I'm sure I'll be able to find a happy medium once I have my car and am able to shop around in better places. Lidl so far has been my favourite. (Obviously alma and Piotr & paweł are fantastic but extremely costly for every week shopping). Btw up till I'm waiting for my container to be fully released. Which will hopefully happen today.
4 Jun 2015
Life / Canadian Moving to Poznan, Poland - what to bring over, areas to avoid, school for a child. [54]

Thank you for your responses. I didn't want to be ignorant and assume right away that there would be no centers like we have here in Canada. I've lived in Peru for 3 years so I understand how living in a 3rd world country works. Not saying that Poland is one because I'm sure it is doing way better than Peru's current situation. I figured that I'd just ask in case.

I'm currently working on getting my Hungarian citizenship so that I may be able to have a EU passport and therefore make it easy for if I do find some sort of job.

I wouldn't want to teach English whatsoever. I don't have teaching qualifications anyways.
Like I've mentioned before, my husband will be studying in Poznan for 5 years at PUMS. We've budgeted enough knowing that we most likely won't be working there.

There is always hope that I may be able to work part time and bring in some sort income even if it's to cover food expenses.

Can anyone suggest a where I may be able to study the Polish language. Even conversational Polish?
4 Jun 2015
Life / Canadian Moving to Poznan, Poland - what to bring over, areas to avoid, school for a child. [54]

Hello Everyone,

We will be moving to Poznan next month, I cannot believe how time has flown by. I was wondering if any of you could suggest a a school where I may be able to learn basic Polish. ( I'm freaking out bc I'm moving there and can't speak the language at all).

Are there any centers where immigrants can go an maybe receive some sort of guidance with job searching etc? I know that it's going to be super hard to work there at all not being able to speak the language, but even if I could find something part time that would be great.

Lastly, I have 2 1/2 year old active little boy, i'm interested in putting him soccer...martial arts any sort of activity, can any of you recommend places for his age group? I was even considering putting him in daycare just so he can learn polish as well as meet other children. Can anyone recommend any daycares in Poznan.

Thanks in advanced!
27 Nov 2014
Life / Canadian Moving to Poznan, Poland - what to bring over, areas to avoid, school for a child. [54]

Thank you Moniq for your very informative and detailed response!! I appreciate you taking your time. I will definitely be calling those companies and checking with them.

In regards to working visas, I've got a different route I might be taking. I have an appointment with the Hungarian consulate. It seems I may qualify for a Hungarian Passport. (My grandfather was hungarian) Hopefully all runs smoothly and I am able to get it.

Moniq it is never too late to try and come over to Canada!

Merged: What products to bring over from Canada that I wont be able to find in Poznan

Hi there,
I was wondering if any fellow Canadians living in Poland could please advise me as to what products (mostly food related or anything will be fine) you recommend for me to stock up on prior to moving to Poznan. We will be shipping all of our belongings over since we are moving to Poznan for 5 years. I figure i'd take advantage and stock up on fav. treats, certain condiments....advil...tylenol..batteries etc. If you could give me some feedback so we can prepare ourselves it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance :)
22 Nov 2014
Life / Canadian Moving to Poznan, Poland - what to bring over, areas to avoid, school for a child. [54]

Thanks everyone for the responses. It leaves me with a lot to think about. I think we've concluded that we won't be buying any property for the time we will be there. We will be purchasing a vehicle for sure and we won't be taking any of our tvs. I still plan on bringing my kitchen aid mixer and food processor and kind of treat like the lottery if it works then great if not ill just keep it stored. BY any chance does anyone know if the Kitchen aid mixers and Cuisinart food processors work over there? I feel so attached to them and I'm aware that they are ridiculously expensive in Poland like 2x the price here.

It looks like I'll be screwed with work. Hopefully i'll be lucky enough to find someone that can provide me with that letter.
21 Nov 2014
Life / Canadian Moving to Poznan, Poland - what to bring over, areas to avoid, school for a child. [54]

@Monitor: In regards to a working visa, I would like to apply for one as soon as possible. I spoke with the Polish Consulate here in Toronto and they said that the only way I can apply is once I find employment in Poland and they can provide me with a letter of employment. Which is why im willing to work as a diswasher, cleaning lady etc. :) I'm very hands on so whatever I can find that doesn't require me speak Polish i'm willing to try it. I know I will have to learn Polish eventually, but to begin with it would be easier to find something more accommodating

21 Nov 2014
Life / Canadian Moving to Poznan, Poland - what to bring over, areas to avoid, school for a child. [54]

Good Day to you all,

thank you for taking the time and posting. There are a few more questions I have. In regards to renting or purchasing property. We are debating whether it is worth buying an apartment for the 5 years that we will be there because how hard it might be to sell once we are ready to move back. Any suggestions?

Also in regards to me working will I be able to receive the benefits of a maternity leave? Our plan is to eventually get pregnant once we are established there. Are there any benefits that the government provides (my fellow canadians might understand this....beneifts like the baby bonus or the universal tax).

@sgrzes: Thank you for your response. For some reason I was really under the impression that there were soo many natives applying for english tutoring/teaching that i had no chance so with that being said I had crossed out that job from my list. I will however be bringing material (Kumon quality) just in case I do have the opportunity to teach english. I do need to put it out there that I do not have a degree. I have two years of college in interior design/architectural technology which im sure will not serve for anything.Unless someone is interested in me being their personal interior decorator :)

@sobieski: I will look up such companies as you mentioned. thank you.
21 Nov 2014
Life / Canadian Moving to Poznan, Poland - what to bring over, areas to avoid, school for a child. [54]

Hello fellow bloggers,

I was wondering if you could please give me some advice. My husband has been accepted into Dentistry program at the PUM and so we will be moving most likely July of 2015 to give ourselves time to settle before he starts studying. With that being said we are drastically changing our life, selling our house packing our stuff and shipping it to Poznan when the time comes.

Could you please advise me as to what I should definitely bring over that I will not find in Poznan? I know that the whole artifacts (tv, mixes, blow dryers) will be an issue bc of the voltage but im still willing to bring certain things if they will not fry out an cause a fire lol.

Also I do not speak a lick of Polish which I know will be another issue (I am planning on taking classes as soon as possible) but regardless of my lack of Polish I would like to find a job as soon as possible as well, I am willing to wash dishes if I have to. Do you think finding a job will be a major issue? apart from english I am fluent in Spanish.

When looking for apartments what areas should I avoid?
Lastly I'd like some advice in regards to schools for children. I have a 2 year old and would like to know if schooling is like here in canada where they begin junior kindergarten at the age of 4. I was planning on putting him in a regular Polish school when the time comes any advice or word of experience in regards to foreigners sending their children to full on Polish school? I definitely do not want to pay 15k a year for english school. The whole point of this experience is for my son to embrace his heritage and learn a new language.

If you can think of any other points I would much appreciate it.

thank you in advanced!