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29 Jul 2015
Real Estate / How to buy an apartment in Poland - can I pay in full cash? [20]

I will have to get a lawyer before making any purchase though.The purchase will be according to the law of the land.

Since I get the money from the inheritance of my late dad,I am just thinking of passing some of it to my 5 year old son here in Poland.

And thinking that buying an apartment for him won't be a bad idea.
I and mostly his mother,my wife will be looking after this apartment when bought but will be transfered completely to my son when he comes of age.

@delphiandomie,I don't really mean paying in cash.Of course the money will be transfered to the prospective seller's account.
I just meant if it's possible to buy an apartment and pay all at once without taking any credit from the bank.
Since I always hear that people can only take credit to buy whatever here.
29 Jul 2015
Real Estate / How to buy an apartment in Poland - can I pay in full cash? [20]

Please I need an advice about buying an apartment in Poland.
I'd like to buy an apartment here in Poland and I'd like to know if it's possible or legal to pay in full cash without any repercussion from the govt or tax office.

The price will not be more than 300,000zł.
19 Jul 2015
Study / Schools to learn Polish language in Poznań? [11]

Merged: Cat B certificate for citizenship / Polish language school

Hello everyone,
I'll be applying for Polish citizenship by March 2016,I heard one has to have a cat.B cert in polish language.I am seeking a polish language school in Poznan where I can start learning Polish language and be able to take the Polish language exam.

I'll prefer not too expensive polish language school.

Thanks in advance.