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13 Aug 2014
Life / Going to Poland in a hijab - Polish people and Islam [154]

A couple questions

- So covering up the hair is a statement against males/society pressuring women to wear skimpy clothes? But aren't you also altering your clothing based on a man/society?

- Are you able to enter the Mosque thru the same entrance as men?

- Poles will cause no physical or even verbal harm. Old Polish women wear head covers all the time. But people will stare and laugh.
26 Jul 2014
USA, Canada / Why do Americans (and Canadians) hate Polish people? [226]

Could you explain it a little bit more?You know,what can I make (I am uneducated) and what is the cost of living.I am VERY curious!

USA is gigantic. For example towns are built from the ground up centered around a Prison. There is an abundance of (marginal) jobs, the 3 most popular jobs in America are: retail salesperson, food preparation & serving workers and cashiers. Cost of living differs depending on which State you call home. Which is why so many Californians moved to states like Arizona & Texas. They got tired of renting apartments and decided to purchase a home.

The more inland you go, the lower the cost of living.

not sure i understand. "back" to Europe?

- Every single White American has ancestry from Europe or Australia.

- Many White & Black Americans struggle speaking proper English. Whether it's incapability or laziness, I'll let you decide. Most Americans never step outside US soil so they view it as pointless.
26 Jul 2014
USA, Canada / Why do Americans (and Canadians) hate Polish people? [226]

Why anyone would go to USA if they can go to any European country now?

I was on holiday in USA and I wouldn't like to live there.

European immigration to USA has all but stopped since the 1990's. If you are uneducated, it's still a great place to make money and return home.

If Americans were able to learn a 2nd language, you would see mass exodus back to Europe
12 Jul 2014
Life / Legalising Marijuana in Poland. Therapy available? [76]

Europe-wide policy would be even more troublesome than the shared currency. I don't want Poland being [further] pressured socially & culturally by the money of Liberal Western Europe. We would see an extreme rise in Fascism to counter it
11 Jul 2014
Love / My Polish wife's family hate me. Maybe it is because I'm black. Advice needed. [83]

I understand your frustration and it is justified.

When I was young an old man at work told me "Oh you are Polish? Very resilient people. To retain the culture after all the hardship"

Poland was occupied for 163 of the past 240 years. Faced with Russification, Germanisation & outright slaughter (17% of Total Population in WW2)

Whenever I meet a Polak, it is an instant connection. We always share a common story of hardship and then our ambition for Polands future. Poland isn't just a place we were born, Polish isn't just a language we were taught, being a Polak is in our blood and the culture shapes the individuals we are today. For better & worse.

So imano, the previous poster and yourself cannot comprehend the hardship & sacrifice just like I can't African slavery

Are you Catholic? This is probably a big issue in your relationship with her parents. When I dated girls from Catholic backgrounds, it instantly brought gained acceptance from the parents.

Ultimately, her families blood line will die once you reproduce. The kids will not practice Polish culture (given the infuse of other cultures) and until/unless Poland sees a significant change in it's population demographic (like 75% White), the kids will stick out like a sore thumb. In Europe, multiculturalism was accepted if not even encouraged for the previous 20 years but those times are over. Non-European immigrants ruined it for everyone. There is now strong opposition growing to keep things in house.

Again, I'm sorry for you as I understand having previously dated girls out of race. But that comes with the territory. Most of this Globe is homogeneous. As the World becomes more globalized with social media, people enjoy being able to click OFF and return to their comfortable common society. Travel is affordable and open. If I want to experience an exotic culture I can board an airplane, I don't want the exotic culture outside my doorstep.

As Poland continues improving economically, this will attract more outsiders. But chances are you two won't end up living in Poland anyway. (For better & worse) you will take her to another country to raise your "Half Polish" kids. Unless your kids also have a Polish spouse, they will end up just like endless other "I'm part Polish" folks on this globe with no connection to Poland.
10 Jul 2014
Love / My Polish wife's family hate me. Maybe it is because I'm black. Advice needed. [83]

I would say you are a rare example. But you are doing something (heavily) against the norm of this Globe. This is always met with confusion & opposition.

The poster I quoted: He's German & Nigerian. He is now settling with a Polish girl. So 3 distinct contrasting cultures. Are we to believe the children will learn & speak Polish? If this situation was widespread, would there be native Polish culture or society in 50+ Years?
10 Jul 2014
Love / My Polish wife's family hate me. Maybe it is because I'm black. Advice needed. [83]

Yes though, my girlfriend says Poland has many racists who would not like their children marrying non-whites.

Do these "racists" abuse & mis-treat non-whites? Otherwise they are not racist

For example: Do you speak Polish? If not, surely you can understand why someone would prefer you not around.
10 Jul 2014
Life / Legalising Marijuana in Poland. Therapy available? [76]

Amsterdam is quite filthy. I would never want to live there.

Legalizing Pot would have 2 long-term effects
A) Curb alcoholism. But this has occurred in Polish youth compared to older generations anyway
B) Turn a significant percentage of the Polish population into apathetic vegetables

IMO the negatives out weight the positives
5 Jul 2014
Real Estate / Poland online property ownership checker (government website) [19]

Merged: Foreign Real Estate / Home Ownership in Poland

This topic keeps surfacing in my discussions with family and friends. How does Polish foreign ownership compare to nations such as Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and the Balkans?