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26 Jun 2014
Life / Is Polish parenting traditionally very laissez faire? [4]

I understand kids should have fun, but there is a time and place. If children aren't taught any manners then they become horrible adults. This could be well where the "Princess" syndrome develops from. They are never told they can't have something.

Try telling a Polish parent that. You will be met with a nie moge or do you want to fight response.
25 Jun 2014
Love / In love with a perfect woman from Poland (she has a boyfriend?) [9]

Wouldn't give up so soon. Keep an eye on the situation, if she breaks up you have that 24hr window before she finds her next boyfriend.

Remember be quick and be willing to fight. Yes, they actually want you to fight for love :)
25 Jun 2014
Life / Is Polish parenting traditionally very laissez faire? [4]

Polish society is very focused on children and family. I am very interested to know what are your views on what is traditional Polish parenting.

It is very typical for families to take their screaming children to restaurants and not control their behaviour in any way. I am not talking about some low end restaurant where customers tend to belong to the tracksuit gangs but in top restaurants. This would be completely unacceptable in many countries, why should paying customers have to listen to badly behaving kids?

It is very typical for parents to allow their children to scream and throw tantrums with no repercussion in public. This happens on planes, parks, this is certainly not just confined to behind closed doors.

It is very typical for very young children to stay up very late even on school nights. Children seem to rule the roast and everyone around them should come second and accept their raucous behaviour.
25 Jun 2014
Life / Are Polish people the most patriotic people of the world? [8]

This question stems from typical Polish behaviour. They can never admit that there is something wrong with their country or people when speaking to foreigners but stereotypically they complain amongst themselves.

I have some examples but they can wait. What makes you people proud to be Polish? Why do you feel you are the centre of the universe?