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31 Mar 2014
Study / Comparison between Warsaw and Krakow technical universities [6]

I think in the dorm only you need 1200-1500PLN (300-400€).
Mechanical Engineering is a very popular course to career but in PL we've some places to work. From the other hand all depends which city you choose. In Warsaw probably you get work with good for the polish life status money, in Warsaw we've lower unemployment than other cities.
7 Apr 2014
Life / Green light -crossing over tram tracks [4]

The driver has priority before tram when:
-tram leaves the loop
-tram leaves the depot
-driver has priority road marked D1 sign, and tram has sign A7.

-on the standard crossroads with traffic lights (not traffic circle) when driver has green light and go straight or turn right

In every other situations trams have priority ;)
9 Apr 2014
Life / Green light -crossing over tram tracks [4]

If you turn left you must give way tram.

A car will come from the other lane and basically overtake the stationary car to make the right turn. Is this legal?

7 May 2014
Travel / Where is Bakojewa (Bakoyewa), Poland? [5]

It isn't in polish. Maybe the village Bujniczki?

Bujniczki] is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Gorzkowice, within Piotrków County, £ódź Voivodeship, in central Poland. (from Wikiepedia)
8 May 2014
Life / Quality of life in major cities in Poland - cost, culture, work and modernization [11]

If I were you, I would choose Warsaw. I think Warsaw's the best place for work and live in Poland. Nice architecture, a lot of place for pastime (clubs, theatres, cinemas etc. You find all needed atractions), a lot of employers, the best public communication with one underground line (from September will be 2 lines). Warsaw give you the biggest capabilities.