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Comparison between Warsaw and Krakow technical universities

2 May 2012 #1
which university is best? warsow technical university or cracow technical university.
hw is the studies in cracow technical university?
i want to take MSc computational mechanics in cracow technical university.hw is this course taught there?
OP rohin
3 May 2012 #2
Merged: anybody studied in cracow technical university???

anybody studied in cracow technical university???I am from India ,want to take computational mechanics there.
is it a good university?? how well equiped laboratories they have?
mikee - | 1
11 Jul 2012 #3
Merged: Studying at Warsaw Technical University

Hey everybody,

I have a B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering from Egypt and want to apply for a M.Sc at Warsaw Technical University.

I wanted to know if they have good Engineering programs there and if a Polish degree will be valuable outside Poland like the rest of the European countries and USA.

Also, is Mechanical Engineering a good career in Poland? And as a foreigner, will it be easy to get a job there?

Another question, how much will I need to cover my living costs monthly if I'm gonna stay at the dorm?

16 Sep 2012 #4
For about 2000 PLN
AhmedAly 6 | 13
30 Mar 2014 #5
Are you in poland now..?
adameczek454 - | 6
31 Mar 2014 #6
I think in the dorm only you need 1200-1500PLN (300-400€).
Mechanical Engineering is a very popular course to career but in PL we've some places to work. From the other hand all depends which city you choose. In Warsaw probably you get work with good for the polish life status money, in Warsaw we've lower unemployment than other cities.

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