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13 Mar 2014
Love / Hi! I was wondering if Polish guys like latinas and if they would ever date one? [18]

Hey girl, I think that you have all of the credentials to being dateable, especially with a Polish man ;) I'm a Latina as well and I've been with two Polish boys. I'll tell you this though, men love it when you speak to them in their language! That's how I caught both of their attention. I swear I'm going to marry a Polish man and that's why I learned the language and about the culture. There is a huge Polish-Mexican population in areas of Chicago and I think it's because the cultures just mesh well. Our cultures both love to drink, we're family-oriented, sometimes religious (SOMETIMES), and we're so sex-driven. So if you're interested in a certain Polish man, I say go for it!
13 Mar 2014
Love / Will I end up with a Polish man? [3]

As weird as this sounds, I have always been interested in Polish men. My best friends are Polish and I am surrounded by Polish people in the city that I live in (Chicago). I have actually only been in two relationships and both of those have been with Polish men. I just find the culture to be beautiful. The language, the food, the men.... ;) For some reason, I don't find myself attracted to American men. SORRY! I am considered Mexican but both my grandparents are from Spain. I think I have all the credentials to being a good house wife. I am in college, speak three fluent languages, (Not fluent in Polish yet) and I work two jobs. I am actually lighter skinned with huge eyes, high cheek bones, and I have big lips. Is it just natural that Polish men are attracted to me and I'm attracted to them? This is my first time actually being on the website and creating a thread, so bare with me lol
13 Mar 2014

Hola Fernando! Yo tambien estoy interesada en los Polakos jaja I think that Polish men are attracted to Latina women (myself) because I have only ever dated Polish men. I know where I'm from in Chicago, there is a huge population of Mexican-Polish couples. So if Polish men are interested in Latinas, I would think Polish girls are interested in Latino men.