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30 Oct 2015
Life / Polish culture versus rotten West [279]

Unfortunately if Poland follows the greed of capitalism and globalisation as it is, then you too will start to see the fabric of your culture fall apart at the seams just like the West.
22 Feb 2015
Travel / Is it safe to ride motorcycles in Poland? Traffic laws. [12]

Merged: Query about Polish traffic laws relating to motorcycles on motorways


Can someone tell me if it is legal/tolerated to filter through stationary/slow moving traffic on the motorways on a motorcycle in Poland?
24 Jan 2015
Travel / Recommendations for which parts of Project Riese underground complex in Poland are worth seeing? [3]


I will be travelling through Poland to visit friends in Katowice in early June. I intend to stop off at Wroclaw for a couple on days on the way down and whilst there, i was thinking about taking a look at Project Reise on the outskirts of Gluszyca.

Time will be at a premium so it would only be a quick visit (half a day), so my question is. Has anyone visited the underground complex and if so, which part would you recommend seeing?

Kind regards,
17 Feb 2014
Travel / Places of interest on route from Katowice - Lodz - Gdansk [7]

Thanks for the info guys. We stopped at Auschwitz last year- didn't know about the industrial labour camps, we must have ridden straight past them!

You have some mighty fine suggestions there Dominic which will tick all the boxes with my travelling companions, Osówka,Walbrzych, Książ Castle a definite, and maybe a stop off in Wroclaw as well on our way out of Poland.

I really appreciate the info, so if you think of any other (industrial / historical) please add them to this post.

Many thanks,
16 Feb 2014
Travel / Places of interest on route from Katowice - Lodz - Gdansk [7]


Last year i visited Katowice and the surrounding areas, Bytom, Rybnik, Chorzow, as i'm interested in all things industrial and the area of Silesia has a lot to offer. This year we intend once again to saddle up the motorcycles and head over to Poland again, this time entering from Ostrava in the Czech Republic before making our way to Katowice for a day or two, to see a couple of friends we made on our previous visit. From Katowice we were looking at calling at Lodz before possibly heading up to Gdansk. Can anyone suggest somewhere that maybe of interest to me ??