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20 Jan 2014
News / Poland's economic future? [294]

What do you think?

You may think this have nothing to do with The Economy, but I believe it does:

I live in Poland and I think if the extremist minority (I hope it is a minority), the young Pro-slownik or Pro-Poland and anti-everyone else takes control, Poland will stay the same normal country and the development will stop in some point, because believe it or not, THE WORLD is run by mixed elite (european, indian, chinese, russian, rich arabs, and off course the big brother USA) so if you want to be one of them, you should be smart keep your culture of course you have right, but don't be stupid to think that muslims or indian or asian will invade your country, you need them, just take time to think of it, you need foreign investment, of course + the national companies, but you need arabs money, american money, asian money, so forget your old fights with russian or greman or new imaginary enemy (muslim) and SHARIA and crazy stuff, this rules aren't even applied in 99% of the arabic and muslim countries in Palestine, lebanon, egypt, jordan... muslim and christian live together and do business together so you should do so, Money have no religion ;) yes there is terrorist but in both sides unfortunately, make your own rules.

Protect your tradition and be proud of, proud of your roots and your religion, but be tolerant, this way Poland will have a bright future (socially and economically)

Take note of other nations USA, most UE contries, don't do the same mistake and open borders to everyone, see what you need and who you need to build your countries, but treat them well so they will give back and help you to be one of the best in UE as you dream!

I hope this wasn't long :)
17 Jan 2014
Life / Going to Poland in a hijab - Polish people and Islam [154]

in a few days im planning to go back to Poland for a short holiday to see my family and friends , but i am worried about the response of people when I am there, wearing my hijab

Czesc, I was curious after reading your post, and want to ask you if it's possible to tell; how was your vacation in Poland as a polish muslim girl?
17 Jan 2014
Law / What do I as a foreigner need to know before setting up a business in Poland? [16]

Location, location, location. If you are going to open a Moroccan cafe you need to be in right place.

Yes for sure, I was visiting some cities; wroclaw, lodz, krakow..., I do like krakow but I still want to check all places (poznan, gdansk..) it depend also on the rent and the population (the target), but location is the main point

If you are looking for other investors or partners it might be worth approaching smaller hotels and look to partner in their restaurant business.

That's a good idea, I do have some contacts that could provide this goods to me, but I should 1st check the cost of importation and the sale price..

But thanks again good thoughts.
16 Jan 2014
Law / What do I as a foreigner need to know before setting up a business in Poland? [16]

Dzieki this is really helpful.

And yes I had evaluate the total budget (rent, adv, salaries, furniture..) to approximatively 200.000pln then a leasing for a van and materials can cost up to 100.000pln payable in 5 or 6years, btw this evaluation is a theoric global one not specific to Poland (due to my accounting background) this why I posted this thread to get your feedbacks :)

and to be honest I can afford paying this capital by my own but I dnt want to risk my small fortune in one project, so I'm checking what banks or maybe partner can offer.
16 Jan 2014
Law / What do I as a foreigner need to know before setting up a business in Poland? [16]

Hello everyone,

I'm a Moroccan guy living in Poland for almost one year now, I do like the country and everyday I get to know the real nice poles (culture and history..) so I tought why not starting a business here in few years (1 or 2 years max) you may think it's too early to ask this questions but I need to know few things:

-Right now I'm evaluating this project between 200.000pln - 300.000pln, I can bring on table from 10.000pln to 15.000pln, my question is as a foreigner investor can I apply for a loan for the difference?

-If not, having a polish partner will make it easier to get accepted by some polish banks?

-Do you have some examples of banks dealing with foreigner entrepreneur in Poalnd?

-I want also a small preview about the taxes and law, or web links explaining this.

-And if you can provide for me some consultancy agents contact will be nice too.

My idea is to open a coffee shop with moroccan-polish Ciastko, morroccan kawa & herbata, + other stuff, I want to put smile in students and active people faces every morning and maybe also be part of there celebrations if the business go bigger (weddings, and parties...)

I have arranged list of Moroccan suppliers (furniture & design, traditional ingerdients...), I'll need to hire one Moroccan Baker and 2 or 3 polish employees

Dzienkuje bardzo for reading this and I'm waiting for your answers or feedbacks, ideas!!