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16 Feb 2009
Life / What can citizens do to make Poland a better place to live? [125]

How about instead of shoving all that appreciation for multiculturalism crap down the kids’ throats you instead just give them the facts about other cultures and let them decide how to think about it all for themselves?

Do you think it's a good trait for your child to be prejudist? It just sets you back in life....
14 Feb 2009
Food / Barszcz in a bottle, how much water should I use? [8]

Heyy I just bought some barszcz in a bottle from this Polish shop and it doesn't say how much water to mix with it? And also wondering what I should put into it? The bottle is 300mls btw.

9 Feb 2009
Life / Babcia or Busha - any social class difference? [359]

We call my grandfather 'budka', I don't know why as I know dziadek means grandfather, apparently it's a Polish word though, anyone know what it means?=/
12 Jan 2009
Love / What do Polish guys think of Irish girls? [187]

I think that anything one can think about a particular nationality would only be a stereotype, as nationalities don't define individuals
22 Apr 2008
Life / Hepatitis C in Poland...please help. [59]

First of all, I doubt there is any more cases of Hep c in Poland than the USA
Second of all, I see no problem with getting medical treatment in Poland?
30 Mar 2008
Language / Your perception of the Polish accent [145]

I think Polish accents are do most people I know
When I spoke Polish with my accent, the Poles told me it was cute=P and I would use English phrases but translate them into Polish haha
24 Mar 2008
Language / Use of A/An/The ...... Articles [186]

I don't think any Slavic languages use a/the. I guess it all the depends on the context of what is said.
24 Mar 2008
Language / Use of A/An/The ...... Articles [186]

To nie JAKIś Elvis, ale TEN Elvis.

This is not any Elvis, but THE Elvis

In Polish, sometimes for 'the', the Polish word for 'this' is used instead(ta/ten/to) but if not, sometimes there is no difference between 'a' or 'the'
21 Mar 2008
Food / POLISH RECIPES! [287]

One is a Serbian variation of bugia (anise flovered, cut into strips, deep fried until puffed, coated with powdered sugar)

I've made those before, but the recipe was called "Croatian bow ties" I think

BTW anyone have a recipe for pierogi ruskie?
20 Mar 2008
Life / Polish and Czechs [190]

Here is something I got from a website, I don't really agree with it though:

What Europeans think of each other

The Poles — Not much seems to register about Poland and the Poles except that they’re quiet. They are a relatively big country (40 million people) so the supposed scare of being overrun by Eastern Europeans when a bunch of Eastern European countries joined the EU in 2005 focused in on the Poles. The Germans really don’t like Poles, and among Germany’s 9 neighbors, are disliked the most. Poland is considered a country of car thieves by the Germans. Really, the relationship between Germany and Poland is similar to that of the United States and Mexico, and often for many of the same reasons (differences in income, history of war, different languages, etc.).Poles really shore up their hatred for their eastern & southern neighbors, primarily Russia and Ukraine, although they don’t like Czechs, Slovaks or Lithuanians either. Oddly, they don’t really mind the Germans, and probably still fear them a bit — you never, ever hear jokes about Germans in Poland.

The Czechs — Considered a relatively bright spot of Eastern Europe by Western Europeans, but I think primarily because Prague is such a gorgeous city and a popular tourist destination. Czechs are a bit like Germans, though — a bit rude, blunt, and cold. Poles don’t have much good to say about them.
20 Mar 2008
Life / Polish and Czechs [190]

What nationality likes us?

I would think Lithuanians because Poland and Lithuania used to be one nation.

More or less the same language, not really, it's from the same school of languages but there are clear differences. I can understand parts of Czech radio but not so much

Definitely not the same language however was derived from the same language as Polish. Many Czechs and Poles can still communicate with each other speaking their own languages and most will be understood.
11 Mar 2008
History / Polish hatred towards Jews... [1290]

You know before you state things like this, learn the facts.
Thousands of years ago, many Jews came to Poland due to the fact that the Polish were so tolerant towards them compared to the rest of Europe.
27 Feb 2008
Language / Polish Swear Words [1242]


Does this word sound as rude in Polish as it does in English?