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24 Mar 2009
Love / Polish guys who have never had girlfriends [71]

I know of a few guys like this actually, in fact one of my in laws has just last year met his first at 29 (he was her first too at the same age) things have moved fast they are engaged, living together and will soon be married, she is excited about starting a family.

He is from a small rural town in pl and takes love seriously, i think its lovely.
I can relate to that having only one love in my whole life whol is my pl guy and never having any interest to 'fool around' with anyone without meaning.

I am not slating people who dont agree this was just right for me and i know its also right for a lot of others, guys included.
11 Mar 2009
Food / Recipe for Polish Zapiekanka [25]

wow i guess there are some variations on this, but it definatley makes a great snack...
10 Mar 2009
Food / Recipe for Polish Zapiekanka [25]

Merged: polish pizza bread -- zapiekanka??

Hi, hubby loves these snack when we are in poland, we have the ones with mushroom sauce (its peppery and oniony ) with lovely melted cheese and chopped chives on top (and ketchup of course!)

Anyone else love these?? they are yummy!

I want to recreate it, does anyone have a good mushroom sauce recipie for this?
And which cheese would work best...?

i have made mysefl hungry now, yum yum xx
8 Jul 2008
Food / Bigos Recipe [151]

just wanted to say thanks to all of you, im a english-german girl who is also vegetarian and cooked bigos at the weekend for my polish boy.... of course i couldnt taste it relied on my nose and you guys tips and recipies on here.

he loved it, so now its only polish cakes i have to get to grips with, as all his fave savoury dishes i have learned and pretty well. =) i have always loved to cook.

dzieki i smacznego =)
8 Jan 2008
Food / Polish Eating Habits [87]

ok heres aquestion, fi all the above is true then why are most polish people, notably girls, so slim!!??