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Recipe for Polish Zapiekanka

14 Feb 2007 #1
Does anyone kindly have the recipe for Zapiekanka or know anywhere in the UK where i buy it. I loved it and miss it!

14 Feb 2007 #2
Which one do you prefer?
10 Mar 2009 #3
Merged: polish pizza bread -- zapiekanka??

Hi, hubby loves these snack when we are in poland, we have the ones with mushroom sauce (its peppery and oniony ) with lovely melted cheese and chopped chives on top (and ketchup of course!)

Anyone else love these?? they are yummy!

I want to recreate it, does anyone have a good mushroom sauce recipie for this?
And which cheese would work best...?

i have made mysefl hungry now, yum yum xx
10 Mar 2009 #4
yes anja rose, zapikankas have definately done the job for me too
10 Mar 2009 #5
Zapiekanka I think. They are fantastic :)
10 Mar 2009 #6
Zapiekanki chleb jest bardzo smaczna:)

Execpt they ruin it by putting nasty fungus mushrooms on it...Rallpph!!!!!!!!!
10 Mar 2009 #7
Zapiekanki chleb jest bardzo smaczna:)

Zapiekanki są bardzo smaczne... ;)

sledzik, i thought you've mastered your Polish already ;P
10 Mar 2009 #8
You know what would be good, put some ketchup and corn on it..:)

sledzik, i thought you've mastered your Polish already ;P

lol, that will be the day:)
10 Mar 2009 #9
mashroom sauce? you sure? could that be mix of grated champions onion and cheese? simply mix it up, cover you bread (or bread rolls) and shove it into an oven?
10 Mar 2009 #10
mashroom sauce?

maybe it was a tatar sauce. it has mushrooms in it.
10 Mar 2009 #11
proper tatar sauce[/url] has no mushrooms in it
11 Mar 2009 #12
wow i guess there are some variations on this, but it definatley makes a great snack...
17 Apr 2009 #13
I could use one right now. It's great start-me-up food. Extra cheese and some nice mushrooms. Sorry, sledz, I kinda like them. It doesn't figure as I used to hate them as a kid.
17 Apr 2009 #14
polish pizza bread -- zapiekanka??

Love them , but seem to manage to get them all over my face while eating them...
17 Apr 2009 #15
They do come with napkins you know!?
17 Apr 2009 #16
Not always , and they aint big enough to cope with the result of me cramming one in my face....
17 Apr 2009 #17
You make it sound like that program on British tv ages ago. Tiswas? The one where they slammed pies and other food into people's faces. Maybe you have the Ted Striker (Airplace) syndrome, just with food rather than drink ;) ;)

When I get clarty and leave some food around my mouth, I just say that it's for later :)
17 Apr 2009 #18
food around my mouth

Yeah , that sounds like me.....I have trouble with the Polish hamburgers too...They cram tons of vegatables and stuff in them , then put 2000 litres of sauce and stuff in there , and give you a tiny plastic fork to eat it with....i wind up with it in my hair all over my hands , in my boots , and its an envoirenmental disaster on the scale of the Torre canyon...
17 Apr 2009 #19
Yeah, mayonnaise especially. The more careful you are, the more you get clarted with it sometimes.

The cabbage is humungous. I know to ask for double cheese just to get any cheese at all. Otherwise, it's an unrequested cabbage burger.
17 Apr 2009 #21
Yeah, a tried and tested combo. Anyway, I'm off to teach. Don't be afraid of napkins ;)
21 Apr 2009 #22
mushroom sauce

Oo mushroom sauce?? sounds interesting, i wasn't aware there was any saunce on it creamy??? when we make it at home we just cook the mushrooms in butter with loads of onions pepper and paprika..add grated cheese on top and stick it in the oven..yumssssss

but yes i'd love to try this sauce you talk about =] sounds yummy
27 Apr 2009 #23
I dont know if I have had them with mushroom sauce per se, when I make it at home I just put a little bit of oil in a pan, cut thin some mushrooms (whatever I can come across, crimini usually do the trick but arent exactly the same, fyi), saute/fry them with some crushed garlic, black pepper, a little salt and onion (I cook them first to release the liquid so it doesnt make the bread mushy) and then top the bread, put the cheese on top and bake my zapiekanki!
17 Aug 2019 #24
Does anyone kindly have the recipe for Zapiekanka

Guys, be careful with the double meaning of Zapiekanka in Polish.

Traditionally, it is a casserole dish which has many varieties. E..g, with potatoes, champignions and sausage. My wife makes it for our kids. See below.

Another zapiekanka is the cheese toast with champignions in it.

3 Jun 2021 #25
casserole dish with potatoes, champignions and sausage. Another zapiekanka is the cheese toast with champignions in it.

Both are tasty but... if I could take only one to a desert island, I would choose that cheese toast baguette - when properly baked, it is deliciously crispy.

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