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8 Nov 2013
Food / Prices of decent Polish Vodka in Poland? [15]

Merged: 3L bottle of Vodka for 185 Pln and 1L Johnnie Walker Black Label for 120 Pln is it fair price?

Just bought it for a present....

Is the price reasonable?


30 Oct 2013
Law / Where to obtain license plate in Poland? How long it takes? [24]

Well I am very happy to hear about it, as in every drivers safety comes first. I respect your point of view. There is nothing wrong getting a standard plate but there is nothing wrong to get a private plate as well. They giving people choices and so you can do what you pleased. As long as everyone obey the law of the road I can't see anything wrong. I think the best question would be if can't afford why to have it??
29 Oct 2013
Law / Where to obtain license plate in Poland? How long it takes? [24]

I have been passing through Swiebodzin recently, I have seen a huge statue of a strange creature and I still wonder what a selfish bastard. He spent so much money for himself knowing that thousands and thousand of children in Poland go hungry to bed.

Please don't insult people that obey the law. Rather design your own number plate for your bicycle. Is your bell on your bicycle in working order? And don't forget to oil the chain on a regular basis.
28 Oct 2013
Law / Where to obtain license plate in Poland? How long it takes? [24]

I got what you mean Peter :)

Oh we are located Poznan as well :)

Best of luck!!

Whats even worse is when the parents pay for their children to have them.

Well, Wroclaw Boy I also don't agree if the parents will pay. In my side I paid and pay everything for myself and instead I give and pay what my parents need :)

In my opinion, every person has different likes... and I think it's not a bad idea if sometimes you spoiled yourself especially if you work so hard whole your life :)
28 Oct 2013
Law / Where to obtain license plate in Poland? How long it takes? [24]

3 weeks and 1000zl

Oh I see, 1000zl should you pay this every year?
What is PO means?
Ok in SA we have a jeep and the plate or registration number is my name it's written GINA space and then followed by the two letters which represents the name of the province where we live. We paid first time this year after the registration expired which is way cheaper than in Poland. And yes we gonna pay this amount every year..

Thanks Peter...nice photo :)
27 Oct 2013
Law / Where to obtain license plate in Poland? How long it takes? [24]

Merged: How long will it take for me to get a private plate for a car in Poland?

Hello everyone...

I wanted to know if how many days or how long will it take to get a private plate number of a car in Poland and how much would be the cost?

Any idea??
27 Oct 2013
Law / I love Poland very much, how long does it take to get a Permit of Residence? [6]

Business in South Africa? Hope he's not a farmer

Hi Pierogi, fortunately my husband is not a farmer..God's well :)

Hi Gina.
My wife and I are also from South Africa.
We live in Podkarpackie.
We have just completed the process for Permanent residence.
You are welcome to contact us for information.
Kind regards.
Melvern & Kasia

Hello sir Melvern, I wanna say thanks for your reply..
I would love to know how did you do to get your permit in Poland..
Which part of South Africa you located if I may ask?
Have a nice day and best of luck..

Kind regards
27 Oct 2013
Law / To get Temporary Residence in Poland is very difficult even though I'm married to a Polish citizen!! [11]

Hi Sparks, thanks for you help but I guess this time we won't do it yet.. :)

Good day Mr. Harry, thank you very much for your advices...
The reasons why I've said impossible to get all the requirements because they asking for the original papers ( we have the certified copy of his divorced). My husband got married first time in his ex-wife in south Africa and couldn't find the original marriage certificate.

And even though if the court give us 14 days to complete all of this things, there is no way I can make it the reason is because to get my original birth certificate from my country which is Philippines will take long time. And also to find a polish interpreter from my country which is I doubt very much.

I don't know how the law in Poland works..
I'm just wondering why......why is it that the registrar office asking for my birth certificate, my husband's first marriage certificate and his divorced decree..? In what reasons?

If they can't accept my marriage certificate which is translated to polish language already by a registered sworn polish translator?
What they will do with my birth certificate, my husband' s divorced paper and the first marriage certificate which is written in English?

Lastly, why is it that they still asking for the divorced paper and the first marriage certificate of my husband? I just can't understand why is this happening.

Law is a law and I respect all of this...just wanted to share this matter..
And if anyone wants to share very much appreciated..

Best regards
26 Oct 2013
Law / To get Temporary Residence in Poland is very difficult even though I'm married to a Polish citizen!! [11]

Hi everyone..

Just wanted to share about my experienced applying to get a temporary residence in Poland.
I went personally to the immigration office in Poznań and the lady was very nice to me explaining all what I must do to be able to to submit the documents. She gave me the list of all the requirements ( written in English and in Polish ) and application form for me to fill up.

I did all the requirements and also changed my marriage contract to polish language translated by a registered sworn polish translator.
I went back to the immigration and submitted all my documents they accepted my documents and I had to pay more 340 zloty and some other payment..then she told me that my translated marriage contract is not valid I must go to the registrar office and let them do the translation..

We went to the registrar office they accepted my marriage contract and we waited more than a week and then they phone that they need my original birth certificate, my husband's original divorced decree and my husband's original marriage certificate from his ex-wife which is impossible to get. :(

And then, after a week from the submission of my documents. I received a letter from the immigration stating that I must go and appear in the court for the interview and if I can't be at the certain time they given to me I will get a fine.

The worst was that they only gave me 7 working days to complete everything. And also, it stated in the letter that if I'm not able to speak polish language very well I must bring with me a registered polish language translator from my country :(

Anyone had the same experienced like this too?? Please share.. How did you cope up the problems?
Thanks for reading..

Best regards
23 Oct 2013
Travel / Why do you visit Poland? [212]

Why do I visit Poland?
Well, my answers would be so simple..
Poland is wonderful!
I love the country.
I love the places.
I love the foods.
And people are awesome.

26 Sep 2013
Travel / Wheelchair accessible accommodation all around Poland.. [2]

Hi Everyone,

To all those lovely people who are nature's lover, could you please so kind and share the places around Poland which has wheelchair accessible accommodation??

Your help is greatly appreciated....

Thank you!
20 Sep 2013
Law / I love Poland very much, how long does it take to get a Permit of Residence? [6]

Thanks so much for the information guys its really great help.. the thing is that my husband and I only visit to Poland 2 to 3 times a year and we only stay there for 1 month..because of my husband work in south Africa it's impossible for me to stay in Poland for a couple of years.

How many years would it be to stay in Poland to be able to get a permit of residence?
Can I still apply for the permit even though I don't live in Poland?

19 Sep 2013
Law / Polish citizen wife wants to apply residency permit in Poland.... [4]

First of all, thanks to Mr. Harry for the info.

As I posted earlier, my husband is a Polish citizen but we are base in south Africa.. Where or how can I process the permit residence for Poland? Should I apply in the Polish Embassy in Pertoria, South Africa or I should apply in Poland? Please help :(
19 Sep 2013
Law / Registering a Car in Poland on a tourist visa / karta pobytu? [7]

Merged: Is it possible for me to buy a car under my name when I'm not Polish citizen?


Hi everyone, I'm from the Philippines married to a Polish citizen but we live in South Africa. We visit Poland ( Poznan ) 3 times a year. My husband wants to buy a car under my name. Now, my questions: As I don't have Polish citizenship, is it possible for me to buy a car under my name? What are the requirements for me to get to be able to own a car or property in Poland? Your advice is greatly appreciated..

Best regards,