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6 Sep 2013
Genealogy / I am looking for an African guy in Krakow, I dated [73]

What is wrong with you people. I hope noone of you will need help in the future because if this reaction come back at you you will be in trouble... She is having a serious problem to solve and the least thing she needs is others judging her...

Don't search for the guy no good will come from this. Secondly if you have close relatives(mother,father etc) i would recommend to discuss it with them and not get through this alone. Abortion is not the best good option but your case is quite difficult to deal so if you think this child will hold you back then consider about it. Just try to think it thoroughly do not get angry for doing this mistake. Anger is a short period of insanity and it will definitely not help you deal with this in the best way. And some tests about HIV etc would be really good before deciding to have a baby.

I wish you the best and to find a solution fast. Farewell
6 Sep 2013
Life / Poland Mobile Service Providers [5]

Hmm sounds good thank you for sharing. However you know if they have like minimum time per call ? The reason i ask is because some providers for example have 1 minute minimum per call so even if you speak for 10 seconds you have 59 minutes left (in case you have full package). Sorry that i ask so much but all providers websites are in polish and google translator is not helping unfortunately !
6 Sep 2013
Life / Poland Mobile Service Providers [5]

Hello all, soon i will be in Warsaw and i would like to hear some opinions regarding the mobile service providers and their PrePaid cards. I am looking for some cheap one for calls (to all the companies) and a lot MB ! Any ideas? Thank you in advance :)