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5 Sep 2013
Genealogy / I am looking for an African guy in Krakow, I dated [73]

Hello, I am Kasia and I am from Krakow. I don't know if this is the right place to write about my situation but I am looking for an african guy in Krakow I met several times. I don't want to give all the details because I feel a little bit ashamed but I dated him, we met several times in the rynek of Krakow to have a drink. He was very sweet and kind to me. Last time I invited him to my flat so that he can taste some polish food and know the polish hospitality. We ended up sleeping together and it was nice. The next day, he left before I woke up. I am looking desperately for him now. The thing is that I am pregnant and the baby I am waiting is from him since I have not had any other partner. I am looking for him now. We dated during 2 weeks (during July), he didn't want to tell me many things about his personal life but i think he is mother-tongue is french. So, if anyone could help me, or give me some advice of what to do to find him, I will be happy. Thank you

Kasia :)
6 Sep 2013
Genealogy / I am looking for an African guy in Krakow, I dated [73]

it makes me very sad to read some of the comments here and there are people who insult me, and suggest me to abort just because my child will be half African. I think I made a mistake about posting this here, I am sorry :(