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James G   
20 Oct 2014
Study / Dj School in Krakow? [4]

Thanks for the reply and all the information!!..but it seems that these schools are only located in Poznan and Warsaw!! any in Krakow?
James G   
28 Jun 2014
Love / First date in krakow [22]

oh this brings back some good memories, I remember I used to meet my date at st mary basilica church in old town..haha..had no idea of Krakow at all..eventually after walking and talking through & getting lost in old town (which was a small laugh) we went to bar and had a drink..but I wouldn't recommend carriage and horse just yet!! get to know her 1st and chill out..there easy going and nice))
James G   
27 Jun 2014
Love / In love with a perfect woman from Poland (she has a boyfriend?) [9]

Iv been in exact situation as you with a polish girl (lived in Krakow for somtime)

short answer..let her go and just be friends..find a new girl, its a big world out there, and stop writing her as much as it will drive you nuts thinking about her!! Polish girls are really loyal aswell so maybe shes playing a game to make her boyfriend jelous!!

I know its not the answer you want but it is what it is!!
James G   
19 Feb 2014
Travel / Hip-Hop or Trance clubs in Krakow? [5]

Merged: Trance clubs in Krakow?


Travelling to Krakow soon & would like to know if anyone knows of any trance clubs in or around Krakow? even in Katowice?
I dj and be good to check out if there were some!!

James G   
27 Jan 2014
Love / Polish girls don't go for one night stands, is it true? [56]

who just about has the mental capacity to stick lego bricks together

LOL....quote of the day :D

dude you live in not that far from Poland..just visit there for a day or 2 and then youl know!! All the advice in the world is no good here unless you are willing to travel there and open up to them!!
James G   
24 Jan 2014
Real Estate / Best area in Krakow to live? [43]

I stay in Kurdwanów

hmm..seems a bit far out, how long does it take on the tram to get into city centre from there? I may be looking for something like 10min from city center and quiet!!
James G   
23 Jan 2014
Real Estate / Best area in Krakow to live? [43]

Im looking for a quiet place in krakow to stay. If I move to Krowodrza will I have to listen to students partying all night long hence all the unis around that area? (this is not what im looking for of course):)
James G   
17 Jan 2014
Love / I'm getting married to a Polish guy and need advice before visit his family; gifts, topics, customs [82]

Dude go for it, if you coming all the way from texas to meet her then she be well impressed..just be yourself and do what others say for the boys, flowers for the girls, join in on the fun and you be ok! enjoy Poland..its awesome!!

now if a slim chance It dosent go so fresh at least then youl know for sure by going there and will have piece of mind for yourself!! best of luck!!
James G   
2 Nov 2013
Study / Dj School in Krakow? [4]


I am travelling to Krakow soon for few weeks and would like to know if any1 knows of any DJ schools that run in the city or near it?

Much appreciated,

James G   
12 Sep 2013
USA, Canada / Would you live in California, USA? [240]

I lived in outskirts of Riverside CA, and rarely met an American out that side...all Mexican shops, housing, gangs..etc!! would not go to this part again..santa monica is neat but expensive....earthquakes don't bother me, only when the ground shakes :))