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7 Aug 2013
Work / What is life like in Poland for a student? [23]

Since I know that I have Polish roots, I got very interested in Poland and thought about living and working there. I am also learning the language and inform myself about the culture, so that as soon as I finished my school I can move to Poland and go study there.

But there's one thing that has always kind of irked me, or that made me kind of skeptical:
Why do so many Poles leave Poland? Why do so many Poles study and work abroad? What is it about Poland that makes so many young people leave? I've never been there, so I don't really have an own impression. However,when I notice how many people leave Poland, I ask myself wether I really want to move there. What is it like living there, how much does an own flat cost, how is the quality of life? In fact I can't even think of many more question, I just want to know -anything- regarding life in Poland. What is different to other places, and is it a good idea to go study there, etc?

Hopefully everyone will understand what I am onto. ^^ Any info is good.

4 Jul 2013
History / How come Poles like Russians but not Germans? [216]

Thank you for every answer! Most of this is very informative and insightful to me.:)

On a side note, because someone mentioned it: I don't think you forgive someone who is closer to you easier (speaking about forgiving Russians easier because of shared slavic roots). To me it is the contrast. If a stranger and my own people do me wrong, I would be more offended of my people doing it. But that's just my two cents.

I also agree, Europe should probably and finally start to stick together as one big community instead of holding rants forever because of the past, but that's not going to happen any soon.
3 Jul 2013
History / How come Poles like Russians but not Germans? [216]

Hey everyone
I am not sure wether this is even true, I can only speak from my experience and knowledge and it might be wrong. So sorry in advantage if I said something false!

However, as far as I am informed, both, Germany and Russia invaded Poland, both treated them badly and both were rather brutal back in the days. Poland got suppressed by both nations, right?

But whenever I get to talk with Polish people, they seem to see Russians as their brothers and even feel connected with them. I think, whatever happened, they forgave the Russians and have sympathy for them.

However, when it comes to Germans, there is always this negative vibe. I can understand that, even though it all is past, many still will feel some bitter aftertaste maybe because of stories of their grandparents and so on. A Pole even said to me he doesn't get how I can be a nice person and yet be a German-speaker. I mean it was just a joke of him, but you get the idea.:)

So I wonder why Poles forgave Russia but not Germany, when both used to be brutal nations. Is there something important in the history of the relations with those two that I missed? Or is it not even true and I just have a wrong impression? I welcome any kind of information

Thanks for your time reading this:)