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8 May 2015
Love / My wife is Polish and it's difficult for her to open up and talk about her feelings [14]

Just a short note to let you know that I had a similar issue in our marriage.

Here is what we did.

1. Once a month we go on a date.
2. We always drive to a different place, while drivingwe discuss our: life style, jobs, money, sex, kids, communication, small changes that need to be done, plans for the future.

3. We always start with positive things, simply talk about good things that took place... once we have done that we are more open to discuss more challenging issues.

4. After about 1 hour of driving and talking about our feelings we start our proper date in a restaurant, movies...

It seems pretty straightforward but seems to work and does wonders to our marriage.
15 Jan 2015
Language / Polish post office vocabulary [7]

Here is a link to a short lesson with an audio recording:
23 Jul 2013
Language / Talk radio station (in Polish to learn Polish) [15]

I would suggest Polish Radio 3 ( just google: polskie radio Trójka)

It is a mixture of talk radio station and a music station

Hope you will enjoy it:)
4 Jul 2013
Work / Is there a market for teaching Dutch in Poland [22]

Yeah, I guess there is a market for that. I guess the best solution would be to teach via Skype. I guess a lot of Poles living and working in Holland would be interested.