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18 Jul 2017
Off-Topic / What's your connection with Poland? Penpals. [378]


Any Polish in winnipeg?

Cześć ;D
I live in Winnipeg in Canada, I have lived in Poland for a year because I like Poland very much.
I visited Poland several times before I actually lived there, learned the language.
I am getting missed Poland, so searched about Polish community here, seems like it does exsist, but not so actively..
I would like to meet polish people living in winnipeg if they are willing to :)

Nie można po polsku dobrze, ale lubi to! chce kolezanka/kolezanki z polski w tutaj w winnipegi.
24 Jul 2016
Law / How to get a Polish Police Certificate from overseas. [5]

I'm sorry for late reply and thank you everyone who have answered.

Actually I made a phone call to the Polish central office and they told me unless I am in Poland,impossible to apply to the Ministry of the justice.It's impossible to fly to Poland to just get a piece of paper.

So I gave up,getting a police certificate at Japanese police which proves that I've been good citizen with no criminal records for 29 years.

well I drunk some beers at the park in Poland,but everyone does it,who cares anyway? :p

Waldowin Yes it's Background check,can't understand why Canadian need it even I was in Poland for a year? Better to ask me Japanese one which I've been for 29 years. Thank you for your answer :)

jon357 I did ask to the Polish embassy,they told me they could not be anyhelp due to the protcol changes,gave me the phone number of the polish central police office. Thank you for your advice :)

kpc21 Thank you for info,I would do that if I have time,but in this case,it's urgent.If I would go this,it would take in million years...

You must be nice person,thank you for your time!!!

Thanks a lot,again :)

19 Jul 2016
Law / How to get a Polish Police Certificate from overseas. [5]

Dzien dobry :) I've been away from Polish forum for long time,happy to be back again.

Why? Because I need your help!!

I am going to Canada,and Canadian immigrant office asked me for a Police certificate that issued Poland.

I called the Polish embassy in Japan,they told me that the rule has changed,no available in the embassy so I have to call the Polish Central Police office directly.

I've got a phone number,but I have bad memory about the Officials in Poland(have stayed in Poland for a year),I checked the website,but it's written only in Polish,it's all Greek to me..(well better to say,it's all Polish to me ;p)

Does anyone know how to get it? I am kinda urgent,so If you could give me any info,would be helpful.

I thank you all who read my thread :)

Dziękuję Bardzo!!
14 Feb 2016
Work / Labor condition in a typical restaurant in Poland [2]

Hi,I want you guys to tell me how average labor condition in restaurant in Poland.
In my country,they have a day-off a week,13hours working a day.
Labor condition is negotiable?
6 Nov 2015
Life / Many Problems with UPC Broadband in Poland - Anyone Else? [20]

This morning,I've finally reached to right person to talk with.

He gave me every single information I need(I hope he gave me it correctly lol)
So I am heading to the office next week with modem and documents..

When I finish cancellation successfully,I will write here for someone in need in the future :)
5 Nov 2015
Life / Many Problems with UPC Broadband in Poland - Anyone Else? [20]

Merged: Cancelletion of UPC internet service

First of all,Thank you all for helping me out always.

I have a problem with cancelling the internet service of UPC.
I've been using this since this April but I have to go back to my country next week,14 Nov.
I've called to UPC custmer service for many times,but the operaters were soooo useless.
They always go like this,after I ask them what I should do about cancellation.

"ok,I will transfer to someone who know this"
I wait for long time,
"Sorry,they are busy,so he/she will call back.bye"

But....Nobody call....It's sooo annoying!!

It's really urgent,that's why I am writing here.

If someone know what I should do?

I am thinking to go UPC office,and will bring modem too.Does ayone know if they will take and I can cancel?
Literally I don't have time. This situation is something I didn't expect,I am not coming back to Poland.

Any info or advice will be apriciated.

Dziekuje serdecznie!! :)

P.S UPC has WORST custmer service EVER!!!!!!
2 Nov 2015
Life / Can I sell my used clothes in Poland? [21]

Good news! I put my stuff in box and left in front of the door of my flat with messege"if you want,please" Then they've been all taken already! I was surprised a bit,but I'm glad somebody took them :)
31 Oct 2015
Life / Can I sell my used clothes in Poland? [21]

I live in Lublin,I am Japanese.I dont care give-away or selling.I just don't want to waste my clothes because they are in good condition.Even if I sell them,it will not be good money in Poland so I don't care.

I just want to reduce stuff to come back to Japan.I brought too much stuff from Japan because I expected I would live in Poland for many years.But I don't want to live here any longer.

Anyway,if somebody know the places I can give away or sell in Lublin,please let me know :)

Thanks in advance.
29 Oct 2015
Life / Can I sell my used clothes in Poland? [21]

Thank you.I am also thinking giveaway.I see brue huge boxes on the street which looks like a bin that is written something but all I could understand was "trebki(bags?) These boxes are for giveaway?
27 Oct 2015
Life / Can I sell my used clothes in Poland? [21]

Since I am coming back to my country,I am organizing my stuff.I don't want to bring back some clothes that I brought here,so I am thinking to throw away...but my friend told me that used clothes shop will buy my clothes.Do all the shops buy or is there any sign that I can see they are buying?

Thanks for any info :)
9 Oct 2015
Life / Surgery for a cat in hospital in Poland? [12]

Is it possible to remove cat's nails by surgery in hospital in Poland? I have a cat,but she's scratching wall papers around,destroying.In Japan,the surgery is available,completely legal.How about Poland and how much it will cost if possible?
31 May 2015
Food / POLISH RECIPES! [287]

Before I moved to Poland,I liked trying to make Polish food(Pierogi,Potate pancake,Mleko Pasta),but after I moved,never tried,even don't go any polish restaurants..(before,I did)

As reading those threads,making me feel like I want to try again :)
8 May 2015
Love / Are Polish men shy and take things slow? [116]

Haha it's funny to see this thread is going longer than I expected.
Some people got me wrong,but I don't care at all :)

Thanks,Harry.I will try!
7 May 2015
Love / Are Polish men shy and take things slow? [116]

Thanks for Harry and cms
Yes he's young,still kinda childish on his mind-but thank to your opinions,I could save myself in some way.
I hope I will have some decent one ;)
7 May 2015
Love / Are Polish men shy and take things slow? [116]

It's totally ok he's not interested.
Things I annoyed was his attitude.That's the reason I canceled.
Well maybe I am not attractive enough for him ;( too shame though,is ok.
7 May 2015
Love / Are Polish men shy and take things slow? [116]

After I read all opinion here,I changed mind,and canceled next monday plan.
Like some people mentioned,his attitude was not accetable,and he didnt say sorry at all,didnt have any respect to me.
Even I texted him to cancel,he didnt reply,so this is how he is,and I am glad I saved my time.

Thank you for everyone,I much appriciated :)
6 May 2015
Love / Are Polish men shy and take things slow? [116]

Thanks for many comments,I am so grateful for all of you.Thank you all for making time to write these.

Yes I also thought he should have CALL earlier if he get freaked out or changed his mind.He didn't say sorry to me in text,even when we met at work.

I can say he's young,but was not
Well-mannered.I guess he's not so interested as I am in him.
Anyway if he changes his mind again for next Monday,I will no longer waste my energy :) I don't want to make same mistake that I did in past.

Thank you all again,I feel so supportive from everyone who commented for my post.
Serdecznie Dziękuję:)
6 May 2015
Love / Are Polish men shy and take things slow? [116]

Hi everyone.
Sorry to announce this,we didn't go dinner.
I will explain the reason.
On this monday,he had work,I was on dayoff.So I passed by his workplace on purpose-to ask him.
When I asked him,he said ok,we could meet up at 20.He said he would call.
But when the time was 20,he texted me,"he didnt want to go tonight,because preparing(shower,changing clothes I guess)took some time,and if we go to dinner,we cant enough time to eat,so wants to have another day"

According to him,he's gonna have dayoff on same day with mine,and we will have dinner or will be next monday(11 May)

It's just dinner,why he needs to change clothes anyway?
I was kinda shocked he changed his mind.(well we still have plan though)
Guys(Girls too ofc),give me any comments :)

Sorry,if my English is not enough to make you understand how it went.

4 May 2015
Love / Are Polish men shy and take things slow? [116]

I asked him for dinner,he accepted.We are having dinner together tonight.It took me 2 hours to ask him,even we were talking..I was almost about to give up,because was too scared if he turned my offer down..

Somehow,I did it,I am proud of mysel...even for small thing :)

Thank for people that gave me advices.
2 May 2015
Love / Are Polish men shy and take things slow? [116]

To cms
Thank you for your advice.Today I wanted to ask,and had good chance,but I was too scary to ask...Because I think it is too challenging for me,I've never had date with a guy from work,even had a coffee...

Is it not embarasing to walk with asian girl for polish guys? I think I don't have confident myself,because polish girls are much taller than me,more beautiful than,they have better propotion than mine...

How can I have guts to ask to him...Help me :/
30 Apr 2015
Love / Are Polish men shy and take things slow? [116]

Merged: To be in love or not to be? He is so shy. Polish guy - Asian girl.

I am kinda embarassed to talk about it here.
Girls just want to be listened-my friend said to me,which is true,,that's why I am writing..

First of all,I work in some city in Poland,and getting attracted to a guy at work.Technically speaking I am his boss(I am an Asian btw).

I like talking with him,I secretly wish if he would ask me out.But I guess he wouldn't,because he is too shy,even though I wrote I like talking with this guy,but he never talks to us(me and other staffs)first.So we always have to talk to him to make him talk.But once he starts talking,he makes funny jokes a lot,always I laugh until I cry or having pain in my stomach.

I work in small city,there are some Asian girls who study at some universities,but never seen any Polish guy-Asian girl couple.If he would'nt ask me out,I would love to...but I don't think it is good idea,because it is small city,someone we know could find us and could be harmful for work...I think he also likes me,but I have no idea how I should deal with this situation,like stepping forward or giving him up.

Poles here stare at me so hard,so if I walk with him,they will might look at us harder lol.
somehow,I have noone to talk about this,so I posted here.
I like him,I want to know more about him..I am 29(but he said I look like 22,yey!),he is I too old for him? lol

Thank you for reading,would be happy if you leave any comment.:)
28 Apr 2015
Travel / The cheapest way to get from Lublin to Kiev - 2 days trip [7]

I am thinking to go Kiev for trip from Lublin.
I've checked several websites to see how I can get there.But still don't get which is cheaper way.
Could anyone tell me ?
I will stay there for 2 days only.
Thanks in advance.
6 Apr 2015
Life / Where can I find English books in Lublin? [13]

Thanks for Looker.
I am not looking for English books to learn.I want books written in English.I already have tried to find in library nearby my flat,but there are nothing.I also found library of Catholic University,but can non-students borrow books from there,if they have written-in-English-books?.