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30 May 2013
Study / I want to move Poland from Chicago area and study.. Job prospects, cost of food, healthcare, other expenses [24]

Hello everyone!

I am a young(18) college student (1st year) who lives in Illinois. I've visited Poland many times in my life because I have family there and I absolutely love spending time there.... the problem is that I don't really want to sign up for huge loans here for school. I want to go to a good university in Chicago but the cost is horrible! $45.000 a YEAR. After 4 years, that's $180.000, that's like a mortgage! I've considered moving to Poland in order to go to school before, but I was always scared that even if I take english classes at the university of £ódź I'll have a hard time because of two reasons. One is that the American language does differ from the English (UK) language. The way things are written and said is somewhat different, I don't know if it would be very tiresome to study in an accent that is different to me! I know Polish 100% fluently so I'm not worried about that. The second reason is that I don't know what it is like to actually go to a university in Poland, where will I get a job? How will I pay for food? Is food expensive? What about healthcare? Does Poland even allow taking out loans for school? I know NOTHING about what the living expenses are or school expenses. Yes, my parents can afford to send over SOME money but not too much. ($500) is that even enough? I would love it if someone could explain all these things to me, I tried researching myself but I don't trust the web, I would rather hear it from someone who lives there or has attended school there recently.

***By the way I would love to live there one day, it's been my dream to live there until I'm old. I love the lifestyle. Going to school there would help me learn more about my culture, I wouldn't be stuck here paying off several hundred thousand dollar loans.