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17 Mar 2020
Classifieds / Import camper-van from Germany to Poland [2]

Hi all,

Has anyone bought a second-hand camper van in Germany and then registered it in Poland?

If so, please let me know as I have a few questions...

Cheers in advance.
5 Aug 2014
UK, Ireland / Best way to get boxes from UK to Poland? [25]

Merged: Bringing items from UK

Hi all

Does anyone know a good company to bring items form UK to Warsaw. I have some furniture and boxes which I want transporting.

Alternatively, does anyone take/bring items back themselves??

All hep appreciated. Very flexible with dates.

31 Aug 2013
UK, Ireland / English IP address to watch UK channels from Poland? [21]

Hi all

Iv done a bit of research regarding signing up for an English IP address so i can watch SkyGo, BBC iplayer etc. Found a company called 'My Expat Network'. Wondered if anyone else is using them or knew of a better company or way to view the channels?

cheers in advance
25 Jun 2013
Study / Intensive Polish Course - the best schools in Poland? [21]

Hi All

I'm looking to take an intensive Polish Course, hopefully starting soon, and wondered if anyone had any opinions on the best schools. I had a look at '' at the Centre of Polish Studies. Their 2 week course looks like it could be worth trying.

Any views would be welcome.
15 Apr 2013
Travel / Foreign car in Warsaw - targeted by thieves/vandals? [13]

it won't be japanese or german. i reckon i'll fit in...

From another topic:

car rental in Warsaw

can some one tell me where i can rent a car for 2 days in poland warsaw
a reliable company and cheap. for this weekend

Read a report "Just returned from Poland-------". We rented a small Nissan Micra and loved it. Rented fron National Car Rental and picked it up at the Warsaw airport. Brought my GPS with East Europe map and it was a life saver.
12 Apr 2013
Travel / Foreign car in Warsaw - targeted by thieves/vandals? [13]

Hi all

I'll be heading to Warsaw in the Summer, hopefully work permitting staying for a while, and wondered how secure an English car would be. I'v heard that foreign cars can be targeted by thieves/vandals. Does anyome know this to be the case or is it just rumours??

Im sure Warsaw, like everywhere else, has its safer districts but just wanted a overall view from someone who has a foreign car or knows someone who has.