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28 May 2013
Law / How to find a Poland-located company's registered address? [7]

It is generally not possible. Sole traders' data are not public.
However you can always try go to VIES database and check with the VAT number and if the sole trader has been registered with EU-VAT you will be able to see the address.
9 Apr 2013
Law / what is the deposit amount insured in Poland by the banks [8]

It is not correct.

The facts are as follows:

The deposit guarantee is up to 100 000 EUR equivalent per person per bank.
Which means that if somebody has deposited the equivalent of 200 000 EUR spitted in different accounts in the same bank, the guaranteed amount is only 100 000 EUR for this one person.

On the other hand if somebody has for example equivalent of 1 000 000 EUR spitted equally in ten banks. Total amount of 1 mln EUR is guaranteed.

In other cases, for example if one account in one bank is shared between three persons, then each person has 100 000 EUR equivalent guarantee.

However needs to be noticed that the amount above the "insured" deposit limit is not totally lost.
It still remains as the liability of the bank and might be (either in total or in some part) paid back during the bank's bankruptcy procedure.
6 Apr 2013
Law / Bank accounts taxed by up to 10%. Can it happen in Poland? [150]

Our aim was to catch the attention. And it is working (we discuss it not only here).
To your information I studied on Cyprus and my friends from there told me they liked the idea.

There were lots of ads in the history that were taking advantage of irony.
Companies criticizing each other, etc. However not so many on a country level.
This one goes that way.

By aspects of location I meant the address that you googled and for some reason didn't like.
Also when it comes to the clients' confidence there is a description of team members. Among others my profile etc.
It is easy to check the credibility.

BTW: You are on the better position now. I cannot check your work for comparison.
The only thing I see here is "warszawski" nickname. No website no names, nothing.
I am transparent so more vulnerable than you are. ;-)

According to the website. This is not a website that is offering exact investment ideas.
We offer assistance on company formation, accounting services, etc (say technicalities and formalities).
So I believe the content is appropriate. What "facts" would you then expect to appear on the website like this?

6 Apr 2013
Law / Bank accounts taxed by up to 10%. Can it happen in Poland? [150]


I wrote gently and in favour of our common (I guess) country.
So I do not understand where this your agression and hostility come from.

Maybe you the the reason of the lack of your sense of humour is the fact that you deposited some money in Bank of Cyprus? :-)

What is concerning you on the website? Let me know. It has been proof read.

According to the clients' confidence I see no problem with the address.
To your information there are some other aspects of location that one takes into consideration.
I hope you know what they are. If not you are not in the position to critisize.
6 Apr 2013
Law / Bank accounts taxed by up to 10%. Can it happen in Poland? [150]

The banking system in Poland is clean. Thus there is a very low risk of a Cyprus-like default.
Polish banks did not invest in Greece's debt.

I am supporting the idea that the PIGS and Cyprus crisis might be in Poland's favour.
That is why we came up with the following idea to promote Polish investments:

little ironic, but catchy. :-)