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29 May 2016
Genealogy / Miesojed, Marchiel, Kopanski from Krugło and Pięciowłoki - any cousins left that my grandmother had in Poland? [5]

My grandmothers parents were both from Podlaskie, Krugło and Pięciowłoki, tho they met in America. My grandmother only knew two of her Aunts on her mothers side and nothing about her fathers as they didn't like to talk about Poland. I know that her mother had a brother and a sister that i cannot find anywhere (the others died too young for children or i knew about) Rozalia Miesojed B. Dec 19, 1878 in Krugło and Jozef Miesojed B. Sept. 1, 1881 in Krugło. Their parents were Piotr and Marianna Toczko. My grandmothers father had two brothers and a sister: Albin Marchiel B. 1879, Piotr Marchiel B. 1881, and Marianna Marchiel B. 1885. The siblings still lived with their parents, Michał and Antonina Kopanska in the 1909 census of Pięciowłoki. In 1926, Albin and Piotr live together.
29 May 2016
USA, Canada / Poles in America: How do you pronounce your Polish surname? [113]

My great-grand parents last names were Marchiel and Miesojed. We say March-shill and Miss-oh-jed. In Polish its supposed to be something like Mar-hill and and Me-so-yet, right? My grandmother hasnt had a conversation in Polish since her siblings died in the 50s and she had strokes that affected her mouth so i have no idea if what i hear is right.