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22 Mar 2013
Polonia / Is Holland antipolish? [29]

100% true.
Polish people will be accepted. You need to proof that you are not one of the stereotypes.
22 Mar 2013
Polonia / Is Holland antipolish? [29]

Jep too much. Most of the Polish people are living in the province Limburg or in Aalsmeer (close to Schiphol) and they only do season work.

I don't have anything against Polish people. For me it's just stupid that dutch companies in Holland specific recruit Polish people for production work etc.

There are enough unemployeed dutch people in Holland who can do this job. Those companies just want Polish people because it's easier to cheat on them.
22 Mar 2013
Polonia / Is Holland antipolish? [29]

As Polish person you don't have a good reputation in Holland, there are too much of them. It's starting looking like UK.
Be aware, companies in Holland promise you beautiful future here, but they will use you.
6 Mar 2013
Work / Salary for native speaker in Poland (customer service job) [7]


A friend of my want to emigrate to Poland because he got a job offered in Poland and he know that the salary in Poland are lower then in the country where he come from (Holland.)

What is a normal salary for a native speaker? 1800? 2000? 3000? He speaks dutch and the job is just customer service, he got one job offer from Gdańsk and one from Kraków.

Does anybody know what he minimum can, or should expect?

5 Mar 2013
Law / Getting registered in a house in Poland after getting married to a Polish citizen? [2]

My friend is married to a Polish citizen last week.
They find out that they first need go to Gdańsk to request permission to stay in Poland and with that paper the home owner can register them in their home correct?

Do he only have to bring the marriage certificate and ID-card with his? Or are documents like birth certificate also required?