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2 Mar 2013
Genealogy / I'm half Polish American, but I'm very Patriotic about my ancestry [47]

im half polish too but man you seem as if your a little too much in to it ok i come from america my mom is 100% american my dad is polish we eat polish food we have fun but it doesnt always envole poland were polish and proud but too walkin for ex sayin yo im polish aint doin you no good enjoy what you are be proud but dont go crazy
2 Mar 2013
Genealogy / My father is half Polish and half Ukrainian is this a common mix in Poland and Ukraine ? [8]

okk were both slavic people dont just go around in polska or ukraine say "ohh look at that ******* polak"or in poland they say "look at that gypsy russian mix over there that stiny ukrainian" my friend keep to your selve have conversation if you dont speak wither language chanses are there gonna think your AMERICAN so dont worry and in my neighborhood theres both we get along