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24 Feb 2021
Off-Topic / Anyone into soviet synth wave music here? [21]

Interesting genre. Just in case anyone is unfamiliar with the New Retro Wave trend, now is the time :)
17 Jan 2021
Life / Covid vaccination for foreigners in Poland? [25]

According to Polskie Radio, the official government stance is that anyone with a residence card can vaccinate according to his medical priority group. There is no need to be a 'citizen'. If you are just a visitor without a residence card, at the moment you cannot get the jab in Poland.
23 Dec 2020
Life / Covid vaccination for foreigners in Poland? [25],Poles-in-nonpriority-groups-can-sign-up-for-COVID19-shots-from-Jan-15-minister

All Poles can sign up to vaccinate starting mid January, according to the article. Still no explicit mention of foreigners.
18 Dec 2020
Life / Covid vaccination for foreigners in Poland? [25]

I'd be guessing that if demand from Polish citizens doesn't exceed supply they would allow foreigners to get vaccinated (for a fee) pretty quickly (maybe a few weeks in).

Kind of waiting for an official statement about this though.
16 Dec 2020
Life / Covid vaccination for foreigners in Poland? [25]

Once covid vaccinations start in Poland (should be sometime in January?), is there any information about the possibility of getting vaccinated as a foreigner (no residence permit, just a visitor)? It might involve a fee but I just wonder if it would be possible at all.

Please update the thread if you come across any info :) Thanks everyone.
11 Jul 2019
Law / Existing Polish bank accounts for clients without PESEL number would be frozen starting August 2019? [23]

Well just to update. I have not received a reply from mBank, so I have contacted them again. The banker on the phone insists that there is an EU rule coming into effect in August, and that as a result of that rule any bank account in Poland without PESEL will be frozen until a PESEL is provided.

I don't know if this is true or not as other banks I talked to do not confirm this.

One thing seems certain though - if you are specifically an mBank client and do not have a PESEL, your account and funds will be frozen starting August.
28 Jun 2019
Law / Existing Polish bank accounts for clients without PESEL number would be frozen starting August 2019? [23]

"No resident no bank account"? No problem. But they can't allow non-residents to open an account for years on end and then suddenly change their mind and tell people 'you have 6 weeks to become a resident or else'. That's just crazy. Something is very wrong here, it's either mBank have lost their mind, or, it's a huge misunderstanding. I still didn't receive an answer from them.
25 Jun 2019
Law / Existing Polish bank accounts for clients without PESEL number would be frozen starting August 2019? [23]

^ mafketis, it was a system mail shown to me on my bank account page when I logged in, not an email delivered to my email account. I called mLinia using their official number. This is no scam.

I asked the banker for a confirmation about the situation ('will my account really be frozen'), he sent my case 'higher up', I should receive a reply any day now. But I definitely need to get ready for the scenario that my account may indeed be frozen simply for 'not having a pesel', on a month and a half notice, which is simply insane.
25 Jun 2019
Law / Existing Polish bank accounts for clients without PESEL number would be frozen starting August 2019? [23]

Last week I have received a system email by my bank (mBank), that I do not have a PESEL number and therefore my account would be frozen (no transfers and no card transactions allowed) by the beginning of August.

I opened the account over 10 years ago, PESEL wasn't required at the time. I am using it constantly. I am no longer residing in Europe.

I talked with an mBank banker on the phone, he said that according to a new EU law, starting August 2019 you can not open, or maintain, a European bank account without proof of residency (PESEL in the case of Poland).

According to this, switching to another Polish or any other EU bank is not really an option.

I'm assuming there's tens of thousands of expats in my situation. Would all these accounts be frozen then?

As I do not currently live in Europe getting a PESEL is rather complicated (as far as I understand a rental agreement of at least 3 months is required). I actually do have an EU passport (not Polish) but it doesn't really solve the problem since I am not residing in the EU.

Has anyone heard about this? Any possible workarounds other than coming to Poland, renting a flat for 3 months (which I do not intent to live in) and hence getting a PESEL?

3 Feb 2017
Life / What is the worst bank in Poland that I should avoid at all costs? [21]

I would avoid BZWBK. Outdated systems and attitude, high commissions, dishonest exchange rates.

I opened a USD account, when I tried to withdraw another currency (in Czech republic) they charged me as follows: commission + USD => PLN => CZK.

Why would coverting from a USD account to CZK go through PLN? One reason: simply the good old fashioned "screw your client as much you as can".

Avoid avoid avoid.
24 Nov 2016
Life / Advice needed on Dental implant in Poland [119]

>> Try Dentim Europe in Katowice. Our friend Barry has finished a dental implants treatment over there. So happy that he even made a video about his trip to Poland.

Dentim are popular and seem professional (I did a small treatment there) but they are expensive, take the average treatment price in Poland and slap 30% on top of it and that's Dentim for you.

Due to the above I've eventually done my root canal at Duda Clinic in Katowice (no relation to the Polish president), so far so good, and a fair price. They actually specialize in implants, but I haven't done an implant there personally so can't comment on that specifically.
28 Jul 2015
Travel / Mobile internet for tourists in Poland? [35]

orange will give you 6gb for 6zl during summer months (it's a promotion). google it. just buy an orange sim card for 10zl and then deduct 6zl for the promotion. if you run out you can buy yet again (using the same sim card).
29 Dec 2014
Life / Where to Find a household storage company in Krakow? Help [16]

Merged: Self Storage in Krakow?

Hi everyone;

Does anybody have experience with a self storage facility in Krakow? I managed to google a couple but I'm looking for someone who's had hands on experience so to vouch for their reliability.

I'm just looking to store some personal stuff (1 square meter should be enough), no furniture.

There's not much online for any of the services I googled.

Experiences appreciated!

Thanks :)

Merged: Self storage facility in Krakow?

Can anybody recommend a self storage facility in Krakow he/she had experience with? I need to storage some personal stuff (a few backpacks) for a few months. Trustworthy facility, fair price etc.. thanks.
2 Nov 2014
Law / Where to register a .PL domain name? [33]

You don't have to use a Polish registrar, many big name international registrars offer .PL domains and often for a much lower price. Anyone can register without restriction. Try for example, a known registrar that specializes in international domain names.
10 Apr 2014
Travel / Over staying 90 day limit in Poland (do they even know I'm here?) [18]

If your passport wasn't stamped when you entered Schengen, they may pick on you on the way out and want proof of when you entered. Yes they do this, yes in Krakow airport. Just tell them the truth and they probably don't have much of a case against you, plus you're American and all that :) Good luck with it all.

Related: EU Residence card holder - staying in Poland for more than 90 days

I am a Non-EU citizen but holds an EU permanent residence card from The Netherlands. I will be staying in Poland for about 4 months.
My question is, do I need to apply for a residence and if yes, where can i apply?
Thanks for your help!

No you don't need to apply if it's just travel. Your residence card from NL would work for legal travel in all of Schengen as long as it is good for. You cannot work legally in Poland with it however, you need a Polish Work Permit and Residence Card for that, but it doesn't sound like that is an issue.

Here is the contact page for the Immigration Office and Border Guards in Warsaw if you want to verify:,dok.html
24 Jan 2013
Law / Anybody adept in requirements for non-EU citizens to start business in Poland? [39]

Thanks golas. Although I did not write my initial post to 'challenge you' but to understand the difference between the conditions described. So in general you can set up a company with lower entry standards but if you want to stay long term you need to prove it's beneficial to the economy, and this will be decided by an interview and may require higher standards of activity.

Thanks for clearing this.

If anybody else can comment on his personal experience with this, please do.
19 Jan 2012
Study / Opinions about '2 weeks intensive Polish course' [26]

I took the course (see above posts), the course organized the material in a way that I could study more effectively later by myself. Also we made quite a bit of progress within these 2 weeks, and you can once again expand on the topics that were touched by yourself later. Overall I do recommend this format if you can't afford a longer term course.

>> you can't be so intense if everyone is being chilled and having a laugh

No, it's not a holiday course, actually some students were Erasmus and the exam at the end counted towards their grade so they weren't 'chilled'. Others were foreigners who work now in Poland and want to get a grasp of Polish (they didn't care about the exam but it doesn't mean they were slowing down the course). This wasn't a 'party all night and learn a few polish words during the day' course. It is what it says - '2 weeks intensive Polish course'.

Overall this format was useful for me and I want to take higher level intensive course sometime this year again.
10 Oct 2011
Life / American moving to Poland. How do I get/What is the cost of a cell phone, cable, etc...? [16]

I'll be staying with my gran instead of on campus

Internet highly depends on your area within the city (i.e. which street you are on), you have to check which companies provide service to your street and also which kind of service (companies may not have infrastructure to support fast advertised speeds on your particular street). If stuck, you can always order internet from TP (the national telephone company) but make sure you do so early because these guys may take their sweet time to install.
9 Oct 2011

Was thinking of coming to Krakow but after reading posts on this site and other Krakow expat sites I'm of the opinion that is a gathering point for every smart arse cynical bastard in the expat world

Regardless of this particular site and Krakow in particular.

I highly caution anyone not to form negative opinions about places or people without ever visiting those places or seeing these people face to face.

The internet distorts things, radically, and almost always for the negative.

Call it 'the dark side' of this wonderful tool.

I am glad I was born in a generation when people trusted each other until given a reason not too

So once again, the reason this was so is because they weren't relying on the internet to judge others or to communicate with them.

Why not do things the way your generation always did? Pay a visit to Krakow, stay a couple of weeks, meet some people face to face, then decide.
14 Aug 2011
Life / Internet access, speeds and companies in Poland. [8]

Aster - they operate in Krakow and Warsaw, they're ok, but do not always offer the magnificent speeds that are written on their website, it depends on their infrastructure at the particular block where you live.
14 Aug 2011
Travel / What do you know about Torun, Poland? [30]

OP - been to torun a few times, I second the opinions here, beautiful little town and a lot of students. Don't know about the artist scene though.
13 Aug 2011
Travel / Best place to exchange money in Poland? [98]

As stated before, change in a Kantor not at the airport. But do shop around since rates between kantors vary dramatically and many of them have shamelessly horrible rates. Have the bank's exchange rate in mind as a point of comparison. If you couldn't be hassled with all this, just go to a bank.
23 Jun 2011
Study / Opinions about '2 weeks intensive Polish course' [26]

Just to update, I took the 2 weeks course and it was worth it in my opinion. It gave me some basics and a lot of orientation for self study which is exactly what I wanted. They covered a lot of material in condensed way ('intensive' is definitely a good description). The teacher was dedicated and quite enthusiastic.

To recap, if the above is what you're looking for, then it does deliver.