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7 Jan 2013
Life / Stubborn Polaks, anyone knows? [77]

True, but few can see the bigger picture these days.

All our European national cultures (and the people that created them) are being diluted and slowly eradicated.

Every nation has it's own characteristics in terms of it's people, and these characteristics should be preserved. This can only be done by preserving the people. Naturally, eradicating the people does the opposite.
7 Jan 2013
History / Life in communist Poland - personal relations [354]

Considering how awfully Poland was treated by various Communists/Marxists throughout the past 90 years, from Trotsky, to Stalin and beyond, i find it astonishing that any true Pole would support such a dehumanizing, anti-civilization, anti-Christian ideology.

Remember King Sobieski and Marshal Pilsudski - they were true Poles, not these red dogs!
7 Jan 2013
Language / Talk radio station (in Polish to learn Polish) [15]


Dobry Wieczor (it's evening here)!

I am in the early stages of learning the language and to assist with my becoming familiar with the sounds, am seeking an online radio station of the Polish language that is TALK only (I.E. no music!). I feel that having this on in the bacground while taking care of business, or relaxing, would help the language slip into my unconscious much quicker.

If someone could provide a link that would be great. Djienkuje!