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26 Dec 2012
Life / Do Polish people know a lot about the world ? [16]

This is a type of Polish person - particularly female. I lived in Poland for several years, and knew only nice, well-informed, well-educated people.

This phenomena I know as well. Before I moved to Poland I thought this is how they all where, Polish women (especially) when they move to a different country put themselves on a high shelf. I think it has a lot to do with the looks (yes, polish women are very attractive and when they leave they notice).

Here in Poland they act completely different and have dignity and class.

So to answer your question Polish people are usually very well educated and knows quite a lot of the world but what they don't know I noticed they want to learn.

I'm sorry you live with a she demon and I would recommend you look for a different house don't let her poison your life.
26 Dec 2012
Life / Living Costs and life in Poznan? [70]


I just moved here myself earlier December and living out in Malta... Very beautiful area indeed.

I make a bit more then you and are paying 1500 PLN for my apartment which is 1 bedroom with separate kitchen/living room and bathroom, fully furnished.

There are more available apartments in my building that are a little bit cheaper so if you want you can send me a PM and I will give you details to the agency who handled my apartment.

It's in fact a very nice town to live, most people speak English and it's small enough to walk everywhere... If you are like me and enjoy walking.
26 Dec 2012
News / Polish families are urged to establish themselves in Norway : Taking children away? [36]

As a person from Sweden I know very well the problems we are facing all over Scandinavia with the islamisations of the country's.

The problem is not just Islam it's religion as a whole. What needs to be done is stop religion to poison the minds of our young people not only Islam.

If you want to talk about tradition and culture we are vikings and we did not pray to Jesus until the missionaries came and did what Islam is now repeating. The biggest problem with Islam is that it's also used for politics just as Christianity once was.