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31 Oct 2012
Life / I hate Warsaw. The worst part about living here is the people who move here from small towns, villages.. [124]

Dominika99 I have to agree with you.

I lived in Warsaw for 6 months and couldn't wait to leave.

I found the people to be rude and completely ignorant to the fact that I was trying my best to speak Polish whenever I could, not to mention the staring I encountered on a daily basis. I also got the impression that many people thought that they were something special and better than me (they probably were to be honest!).

My lasting impression of the city was the lady who worked at my local connivence store, I'm sure it was the highlight of her day when I nervously approached the counter and asked for groceries in my best Polish to which she would inevitably reply with some comment under her breath with rolling eyes.

I will never go back!!!

I would however, like to point out that I have also visited Krackov, Lodz, Zakapana & Wroclaw where I felt most welcome and found Warsaw to be the exception.

Lastly I would have to say that my favourite place to visit in Poland is a small town called Dobdrozien in Oploskie where my wife is from. The people there are fantastic! they are welcoming, friendly and I am very happy to call many of them friends.

In my opinion the "villagers" or locals are what makes your county great and different.

Warsaw is a big city wannabe...but its not.

Never forget where your from!

I am from London where you are all welcome:)