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10 Apr 2011
Language / Short Polish<->English translations [836]

[Moved from]: Is there a word for someone interested in Polish culture?

Anglophile is to someone interested in English culture as ??? is to someone interested in Polish culture?

Is there a word for this? Can we make one up? (aside from slavophile)

Polandphile doesn't sound to great to me :)
19 Apr 2009
Language / Polish was chosen the HARDEST LANGUAGE in the world to learn... :D [1541]

The American Foreign institute calls Hungarian the hardest language to learn for an English speaker and some other British government office called Japanese the hardest language for an English speaker.

Polish is hard, no doubt about it but I'm not sure how claritaslux figured this out, also what really would be the difference between the difficulty of say Russian/Czech to an English speaker? Pronunciation? It's not that crazily different and though we'll always have accents you can get by with the pronunciation.

I'm actually sort of sick of hearing about Polish's difficulty, some people wear it like a badge and tell me how difficult it is as if they were the first to let me in on it.
1 Jan 2009
Language / Pimsleur's Polish Lessons [38]

I'm not a big fan of pimsleur.

but i do know you're supposed to go on if you understand most of it because it repeats on its own.

I prefer the Michel Thomas method better...