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5 Apr 2013
Genealogy / Does anyone have any relatives who served with 1st Polish Armoured Division (Gen. Maczek) [308]

Hi jolka, my father went through a similar voyage, he passed away in 1976.
He also took us to Auschwitz in 1965,also through the Berlin wall at check point charlie.Can you please inform me were I can get his German war records and also his Polish army records (he was based in Scotland until 1948.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
18 Jan 2013
Food / Where can I buy lamb in Poland? [89]


which is much better the Polish or the New Zealand lamb,also do you remember the price per kilo.

Thanks and have a cool weekend.
9 Jan 2013
News / Predictions about Poland for 2013 [85]

The 3 billion pounds sent to Poland last year,was it sent by private people or does it include import costs ????????
16 Dec 2012
Life / Is Poland a poor country? [578]

Does anyone know,I have paid Polish Zus for the last twenty years if i go back to the UK as i was born in London can I Claim a UK pension.

Thanks in advance
25 Nov 2012
News / €80 billion for Poland new EU budget [166]

Western companies,banks supermarkets,vehicles, etc etc. Just think how much money leaves Poland and goes back to the western economy.
13 Nov 2012
Law / Selling used furniture and appliances in Poland [7]

Hi,what is the model of the Samsung washing machine.
Which city are you in.
Do you have a photo of it.
How long left to run on the guarantee
How much are you asking.

Kind regards
23 Oct 2012
Travel / Driving from UK to Poland in Christmas Time - winter tyres? [46]

Before leaving the UK don't forget to check your radiator and windscreen washer are around the minus 30c mark.Also keep the fuel tank as full as possible in case you get stuck so you will still have heat from the heater.I have done this trip many many times and the worst was sheet ice in Poland stranded for eight hours.

Have a safe journey
19 Oct 2012
Life / Poles and the temperatures they heat their homes [36]

Living room temperatures

18-21C - comfortable temperature
9-12 or 24+C: Risk of stroke and heart attack
21-24C or 16-18C - some discomfort
12-16C - risk of respiratory disease
Less than 9C - risk of hypothermia.
24 Sep 2012
Food / Where can I buy lamb in Poland? [89]

Do you know what time Hala Targowa opens and closes on a Saturday.
also is it in Gdansk.

Kind regards
23 Sep 2012
Food / Where can I buy lamb in Poland? [89]

(I also found a kebab shop that sells lamb kebabs for 18zl. A little expensive for a kebab, but it's lamb.)

Hi Scottie,

can you let me have the address of the kebab shop.

kind regards
21 Sep 2012
Work / Job in Poland Bydgoszcz - Is there an Indian community here? [26]


( I have a family of 5 and our monthly grocery trip is about 150 zloty a week )

Hi kelley,

i also live in Bydgoszcz how can a family of five live on 150 zloty a week???????????????????????????????

kind regards