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13 Dec 2012
History / WAS KATYŃ GENOCIDE? Polish officers were killed [237]

Why does the OP exhibit such ridiculous undertones and questions?
Genocide - do we have to retrace history on polishforums? And yes, there was genocide in Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia inflicted by Serbs, Bosnians and Croatians. Study your history on Banja Luka, Srebrenica and Gorazde, too.

16 Nov 2012
Life / British living in Poland - documentary [42]

Dear Luke
I would be happy to help the second time if you make it to Warsaw. Or if you are able to travel to Lodz I could probably guarantee you three interviews.

I have some enlightening insights and experiences to share with you as I have been here for nearly five years now. I have also lived in a few dumps and a few charming cities.

Not too sure you will have much success in Zabrze though. I expect you will find a few Brits in Katowice.

28 Oct 2012
Off-Topic / English teachers - 'functioning alcoholics with a superiority complex' [54]

Back to the question at hand.
I am beginning to believe the answer is non-existent.
Once a week I have to go to a local technikum where the students have had four years of exposure to English in some form. I am not sure what their previous English teacher had been doing in the classroom (probably playing poker on the internet). It is not an exaggeration to say that they were clueless when asked:

'What is your name?'
'Where are you from?'
Please translate: Nie jestem zadowolony = 'I don't ...hmm' - a typical response.
28 Sep 2012
Language / Polish word "no". Is it a slang word? [22]

Dear NorthMancPolak
Thanks for the clarification and example. I nearly fell off my chair from laughing so much...Not.

I find the Polish word 'no' very annoying, and it is mainly used by uneducated people who have nothing better to say for themselves.

21 Sep 2012
Work / Teaching English in Wrocław - TEFL, fair pay? [40]

Except we all know that Scottish girls are fat, orange and quite vulgar.

Why is it that she is allowed to post such things? I remember having a few of my posts removed, which were only barely touching 'controversial'.
7 Sep 2012
Work / English qualifications to start Teaching English In Poland. Is degree of some sort needed? [123]

People need to be shown (through the instruction of language learning strategies/intricate vocabulary learning strategies) how to learn a language. The CELTA does not do that, neither does the DELTA. If taught properly, the theoretical knowledge gained from a Masters in ELT can be put into practice, and can develop the teacher and the student.

If you can at least attempt to prove you are a linguist and have good intentions, you get private students. Not with CELTA.
5 Jul 2012
Travel / Ryanair travel by air - subtle scams to be wary of [98]

I've never had a problem with Ryanair's punctuality.

Recently it seems, every time I walk into an airport, the most serious delays on the board are invariably with wizzair. They are seriously issing me off.
30 Jun 2012
Travel / What is the ugliest city or town in Poland? [82]

It's easy to judge a place on its magical Rynek and stare miasto. Having lived outside of the old town in Krakow and travelled around the city, I certainly would not say Krakow is beautiful. Some of those streets close to the Rynek - Krowoderska and Dluga spring to mind - are ghastly, even compared to streets in Lodz and Warsaw.
29 Jun 2012
Real Estate / Is Srodmiescie a good neighbourhood to live in? Lodz. [9]

Dear Sammyro, I think you can find something very good in 'srodmiescie' for 1500-1800.

Avoid Kilinskiego/Rewolucji/Pomorska area (it's a dump) and move yourself south towards Wigury/Brzezna/Nawrot/Zamenhofa - this general area. I know of someone on Wigury, and he has never had a problem with anyone in the vicinity, plus it is only a few minutes to Galeria Lodzka and the trams on Zwirki.

If I were to live outside the centre, I would choose the Julianowska/Zgierska area. Close to a large landscape park (Lagiewniki), the tram lines to the centre (takes 10 minutes) and also close to Manufaktura.

Get on to google maps. You will get an idea of what I am recommending.

With the money you will have at your disposal for renting, I would not worry one jot.

Try this for size:


28 Jun 2012
Travel / What is the ugliest city or town in Poland? [82]

Dear Calavero Chorzow-Batory is worse than any district I've seen (and that's a few in the world), and I am not wrong when I say: 'In my view...'.


I'd also throw Katowice into the mix. Mind, Chorzow and Katowice are practically one blob together.

The whole Industrial Monuments movement thing in Silesia is a joke, in my opinion. Read this.

Of course, the north and south have areas of natural beauty and potential for tourism. Playing on the Beskidy mountains is obvious.

The author/s also seem to believe that the Katowice could be a tourist magnet because of a single museum and well-developed infrastructure..

A leopard can't change its spots.

Hmm, perhaps I should visit Zabrze because of its coal-mining museum.
28 Jun 2012
Love / Need help/advice polish girl :( British and Polish girl relationship. [26]

Dear Unitedfan28

I am astonished you need someone to give you advice, and advice on Polish women ... it's so general and non-relevant.

Ditch her the moment you see this.

I had similar concerns with a girl last year (the fact she is Polish matters not one jot), and got rid.

Hope you will be ok once you have done the right thing.


27 Jun 2012
Work / Is salary of 3000 Euros gross enough to live decently in Lodz,Poland? [53]

Dear Sammyro

Yes, 13000 zl gross and you will maintain an incredibly good life-style.

You can pay rent and bills in a very decent place for less than 1800 in Lodz. I know of a nice, spacious apartment on Wigury/Piotrkowska (right in mid-town) where the landlord is demanding 1400 rent. Bills don't exceed 120 a month.

I don't think you need us to tell you how many beers you can drink and how much a short will cost you at the mall. As for food, I don't tend to spend more than 150 zl a week as I like cooking. You will get the arrogant members on here spouting '150zl- what!?' However, they probably can't cook and eat out at flash restaurants three times a week. Tesco in Galeria Lodzka will suit your needs, I am sure.

After all this you will have, what, 9k left to save or play with ... 13000 gross is indeed a huge wad of cash in Lodz.