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14 Jun 2007
Food / What is your favorite Polish Vodka? [607]

Ach polish ..... tylko widzialem wodka :)

polish to slaska , sobieski , i cracovia !

but a good souvenir is bimber !
14 Jun 2007
Life / Poles are not racist [776]


Hear the song from , and look at the grafitis and KKK Flags !

Not every pole is a racist , but many people dont like other races , and the youth is going be bad ... tak byl jest i bedzie , every country has rasicst , be happy when in your friends or family are neutral people , but it is everywhere so .

ladystardust , ile masz lat ?
14 Jun 2007
Life / Poles are not racist [776]

Slask , Gdansk , Warszawa , Czestochowa , Kielce and a lot more are rightwinged !

Poznan? Its a town with very much Antifa and Hip Hop fanatics !
13 Jun 2007
Life / Poles are not racist [776]

And a gayparade ...... but in eastern europe it will never been again i think !
13 Jun 2007
Life / Poles are not racist [776]

How many people were in poland here ?
In the blocks are often graffitis , "brudasy to kutasy " " zyd to frajer zyd to buc zyie po to by go tluc" " Biala sila ponad wszystko " .

I dont know how the richer people think , but on osiedle most people hate germans , jews, communsits , gays etc ! You remember Christopher street day in warszawa? or gay parade in krakow ? on soccerstadiums the ultras and hools have racist flags , or the club lechia gdansk sings "dziki dziki dziki do afriki " !

Yes hip hop bands sings " Lubi nas niewielu wiekszosc nienawidzi boja sie wszyscy szczegolnosci zydzi" ! The antifa scene in poland is very small !

Rasicst are everywhere , but EVERY race it doesnt matter or white black asian latino muslim everywhere are good people and bad people ! only the spirit of the human is the reason why you like him or not and not the race!
3 Jun 2007
Life / Thoughts on Music in Poland [132]

When polish hip hop you must hear "peja" good songs are ,"szacunek ludzi ulicy" ,"kurewskie zycie" and "reprezentuje biede" !

but the best polish music is Oi / Rac , music from Honor , konkwista , wolne miasto gdansk !!! Polish rock is great!

but there exicts good old polish pop bands like kombi or lady pank!

polish music is good for emigrants , because you can feel in your heart from where you are!

bog honor ojczyzna