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27 Jul 2021
Life / Consumer Rights & Returns in Poland [22]


Consumer Rights

Hi everyone,

I ve got a problem with a travel agent about a refund that they reject. I wanna get in touch with some organization or lawyer to get advice to see if there is any sense to proceed further with a legal case. I tried to call Stowarzyszenie Konsumentów Polskich i Fundację Konsumentów hotline but seems like noone speaks English. Any suggestions?
9 Dec 2017
Work / How can I found job for Hebrew speakers in Poland? [8]

There are maybe not too many but still some jpbs available for Hebrew speakers however, what I see is that the companies prefer to hire Poles who can speak Hebrew up to some degree as generally native Hebrew speakers demand high wages. There are shared service centers or outsourcing companies who are handling finance/hr services/ customer support and most of the positions are in these areas - this is my observation

The best would be to contact Israelis who live wnd work here, they might be able to help.

Not having valid residence/work permit can lower your chances
25 Aug 2017
Work / Cost of living in Gdańsk, average salary for experienced software engineer in Poland [64]

I cannot comment for the specific position as i do not know salaries acroos Europe for sap consultants but I believe 14k is good money for Polish standards. The only problem will be after 86k limit, the income tax will be 30 percent and nearly half of the salary will be cut.

First 6 months of the year it might be something around 9500-10.000 netto, for the second part of the year around 7-8.000 whic is still good for Poland, especially if you are alone.

Second thing is, in general what i see with corporations here, yearly raise is so low therefore, it is better to negotiate for the highest you can get
13 Aug 2017
Life / Car insurance in Poland: where's the best place to get it? [19]

Like Harry mentioned some companies may agree to do the ac even if the car is more than 10 years old. As well, let's say that the car is 9 years old and you have a this year, next year they will offer you ac again even if the car passes 10 years.

Looks like this year the prices are significantly higher, I keep searching still as I hate the current company. Will also visit maybe some agencies
11 Aug 2017
Law / Ways of getting Permanent residency in Poland [101]

When you take karta pobytu, if the decision was given based on your studies, they are counted as half in that 5 years. Example, if you took karta pobytu for 3 years as being a student, 1 year and half will be counted, if you took it for 2 years based on the decision of work, it is counted as it is- 2 years. I presume all decisions you got were for studies therefore, you should divide them by two.
11 Aug 2017
Life / Car insurance in Poland: where's the best place to get it? [19]

Disagreeing with first point - did it several times and had no issues.

Agreeing with the other points and not sure if something I said in previous post saying otherwise?

Thanks for the name, I will have a look at them
10 Aug 2017
Life / Car insurance in Poland: where's the best place to get it? [19]

Guys, need opinions about this.

I have used 3 companies for ac+oc until now all had terrible customer service. They call you hundred times while trying to sell it, after payment you are alone.

I am not sure if it is allowed to give namea of the companies so I will try to truncate :) I used ax. Av... Pz. Until now for my and wife's cars and no happiness.

I ve got one 6 year old and one 9 year old cars which I LL need to insure again next month but could not decide which company. I also googled the companies and most of them have very bad comments in general.

Even found out that some of them never informed national insurance system about the policies we had therefore, it looks like we have less discounts than what we expected. Calling them one by one now to force them to put details into UFG system.

I need to get some info to see if someone is pleased with their insurer
10 Aug 2017
Work / Relocate to Lodz Poland [30]

Agreed, around 2800-3000 zlotis at least will be needed to be spend every month for regular expenses.
9 Aug 2017
Work / Relocate to Lodz Poland [30]

Jon, I think he mentioned that the amount is net, it should not be that bad if that is net amount :) of course the position and experience might change the view on it.

In practice, from what I have seen, Polish employers mostly give the gross amount, they try to avoid giving any net amount.

About adaptation, might be hard, especially when I see you said that you are Muslim - if you are connected with Islam values, Poland might not be the best choice.
20 Jul 2017
Work / English speaking-Accountant and job in Poland [13]

In my opinition, you focus on jobs which requires Turkish language, there are several (maybe not too many) available - you can find in you can also check - this one is putting together the ads from different websites.

Without advanced English knowledge, it will be bery hard to find any jobs in accountancy, to work for English speaking countries. I would go for jobs which are available for Turkish speakers.

Like they mentioned in previous posts, if you do not have valid residence card which allows you to work without any additional work permit, that will probably be harder to find something.
28 Jun 2017
Work / Salary of a customer service representative in Krakow [28]

Around 30 percent will be cut, you should receive something like 3500 net.

I would not expect to save money, you can only be okay with that in my opinion. you should count around 1500-2000 for rent and bills/ around 1000 for kitchen and other stuff and then for hanging out/ other things, can be hard to save something.
14 Jun 2017
Life / Driving skills of drivers in Poland? [41]

is no zebra for more than maybe a kilometer on a main road? How do you expect her to go somewhere, maybe buying a helicopter would be a good idea for her to transport herself or sit at home, you have right.

If those countries are that bad, why do you even bother to compare Poland with them?
14 Jun 2017
Life / Driving skills of drivers in Poland? [41]

Just after i wrote

Was taking a walk and an old lady with walking sticks who seem to have problems with both legs wanted to pass across the road and there is no zebra on this road as far as i can see

Nobody even tried to slow down and the lady had to rush to pass after 2 minutes, while she was passing one car was coming too fast without slowing down despite the fact the driver saw the sticks, she hardly passed without falling down
14 Jun 2017
Life / Driving skills of drivers in Poland? [41]

I would say generally ladies are too much focused on one thing while driving, for example they just keep their attention to the front view and do not much care much about what is going on on the back or the next lane.

Men are so reckless and because of that you should always be on alert

Some ladies drive so slow on the highway causing big danger

The problem in Poland about driving in general (woen or men) is that they do not care; example, you drive on the left lane with 130/140 on the highway, suddenly someone can change their lane to the left when they are much slower than you which can cause fatal accidents. Another example, it is hard to stop next to zebra because people behind you do not want to stop or give the way to the pedestrians so that if you make break to stop close to the zebra, the car behind you might hit yours.

List can be extended
3 Jun 2017
Work / Cities like Lodz to find a job? [10]

You can only live with that money, depending on how active you are you might be able to put something aside but it will be really hard, and about the city i have to agree with DominicB - the place is really ugly and depressing
25 May 2017
Law / Temporary Residence Permit for American in Poland; validity date, leaving after expiration / during process [7]

Thank you for the information. Do you mean that I must leave only Poland or all of Schengen? n.

As a non EU citizen, normally you should leave Shengen, however, as you mentioned that you are allowed to stay as being an American 90 days in six months, for both 2nd and 3rd questions, it sounds tricky. I would call the foreign office in your area and confirm these two questions to be sure. But I think in any case this 90 days period should be sufficient for you to stay in the country or enter back when you leave.
25 May 2017
Law / Temporary Residence Permit for American in Poland; validity date, leaving after expiration / during process [7]


These are just my ideas related with my past experiences Briefly:

1- Expect them to give you the permit till the end of your course. I had similar with my card when I was studying

2- If you do not have any application with the Foreign Office pending/waiting for decision when your card expires, the practice is that you need to leave the country.

3- It is not about calculation of the days but if you do not have any valid residence card or visa, the stamp that you have in your passport will not help as it just helps you to stay in Polish borders. When you leave you cannot get back to Poland only with the stamp. Either you will need the visa or the residence card.
20 Apr 2017
Law / British Driving licence confiscation in Poland [4]

Without being sure, my knowledge is that they are sending it back to embassy/consulate or whatever informing them the license is confiscated due to speeding - and what I heard was that (depending on the country I believe) you might have to get the theory and practical exam back in UK once more. However, I am not sure, some Polish friends were saying that some years ago. I would call the consulate in Warsaw, for sure they will know how it works.

Edit: just saw your message delphiandomine, sorry for spamming
26 Jan 2017
Work / Can I survive in Poland as a working student? [8]


For the beginning, the chances are really so low that you can find a job - first you should come here as being a student, then look for something, which might take some time. You will need to get residence permit as being a student first, before that no company will want to take care of paper work (work permit and so on)

If you are lucky, you can find something though, but keep your expectations low.

I would recommend at least to have the amount which will keep you afloat for a year, otherwise you might get disappointed.
25 Nov 2016
Study / Turkish guy to study at a university in Poland. Is that problem for Polish people? [139]


I can say that if you arw not traditional and especially not muslum you can do okay here


Telling from my experience and from the people i see here

As an agnostic and coming from secular - non fascist turkish/kurdish living here for some time

You will always feel you are a 'foreigner' here if you cannot integrate

And people will be mostly suspicious as you are from muslim country - turks do not leave good impression, you may have difficult times

You will see that people will be looking at you because you look different and you may get physical abuse - especially be ready for verbal abuse

I never felt i belonged to turkish society because of the kurdish/ turkish issue, different cultural outlook and religious ideas, so i am doing good here apart from missing family but generally with other turks i am in contact here, i see that they are lost and they are not able to decide if they can have a future here or not

So my suggestion is think twice before you decide. It is a country with very high number of white and catholics
25 Nov 2016
Law / Getting loan, overdraft or credit card in Poland [8]


I got loan - a small amount relatively around 20k but i was told that they were able to give me around 35k without providing any extra documents but this was because i had my account in millennium for 2 years already and my salary is transferred there

Right now i am receiving offeers for 40-50 k cash loan

Do not want to be seen like advertising - just to help you , you can also open a checking account and do not pay anything for account atm card or transfers if you put at least 1k to the account every month ( juat for pln) i would go to a branch give them my residence card and see what they would give if i were you - would be the best if your card is valid for 2-3 years
24 Nov 2016
Law / Getting loan, overdraft or credit card in Poland [8]


So you do not have residence permit here in Poland? If you have that should not be a problem, if not, it might be an issue but not 100 percent sure.

You can talk to a different bank like Millennium, I was able to get credit and credit card as well with a temporary residence.
21 Nov 2016
Law / Does Karta Pobytu allow me to stay in Poland for 2 years and work in any job? [5]

I'm planning to change my job now and move to new company ,, so do i have to apply for totally new karta pobytu?

I would suggest you to call the voivodeship that you plan to move in case you are changing your city along with your job.

In your case, if you are not changing your city - first you should notice foreign office that you have your residence permit decision from , after - you leave your job.

And then you have 30 days to find a new job, in that 30 days you need to provide them the new contract otherwise after 30th day, you need to leave the country.

So in this case, you just need to provide them new job contracy.

If you are changing your city, you should go to the foreign office in the city that you plan to move. you should give them your new address registration and new job contract stating them that you have your residence card in connection with your graduation.
12 Oct 2016
Work / Salary of an Accounts Payable Specialist with Portuguese in Lodz [4]

I know that place, they have low salaries like that, it will make around 3000 PLN net which is not good and you should push for more because of the language skills. Once you go in, there will be no chance to raise your salary and be prepared for a lot of overtime.
7 Oct 2016
Work / Is there anybody who work for Atos in Bydgoszcz as a foreigner? [32]


I remember some people which were brought from Turkey for lesser amounts, such as 4k pln (from 2014-2015), I suppose if they are not able to employ someone within the country for sometime, then they are able to hire someone outside EU - however, I am not sure


8.5 may not be good for your standards, but I think you should first come and do something here and you can get something better for after a few years if you are good at your job. It will not be easy to find something here like that. Poland is chosen by employers because of cheap labor.
20 Jul 2016
Work / Krakow - living and working [18]

I was trying to share some info before but will summarize again how I managed and how much I was spending, might give some idea

I was living in a decent studio - not in city center but in a place close to tram station.

1100 pln - rent
300 pln - administration (including hot-cold water and heating)
50-60 - electricity
60 - internet
800-1000 - food
500-600 - for myself extras such as cell phone (maybe not extra) going out with friends, eating out once in two weeks etc.

I was not paying much for transport as I was close to my office however, you can count around 100 pln for monthly ticket

Then I bought a car and the expenses got higher but will not include anything about that.

around 3000 you will live okay, if you get more than 4000 net, you will be good in my opinion (depending on your lifestyle and needs)