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31 May 2007
Life / How Safe Are the Polish Cities? [179]

I'll refer to the newly released Global Peace Index from the Economist Intelligence Unit.
First link mentions Poland as number 27 out of 121 of the World's countries.
- The UK as number 49, so the conclusion is that the UK is a bit more unsafe than Poland.

- And the USA's far behind:

And according to this article, with Reuters as their source, my little Denmark should rank as the 3rd most peaceful country in the world. :-)
1 Jun 2007
Genealogy / I am 1/8 Polish on my mother's side - not Polish enough / Lithuania and Zmudz in Poland's ancestry [110]

I'm 50% Polish and 49,9% Germanic.

On my mother's side they're from Podlasie and Wolyn, the whole of my maternal grandfather's side consists of lesser nobility, and also some on my mat. grandmother's.

On my father's side I'm primarily Danish, but mixed with German and South Swedish blood.
The last part is because I'm descending from some European royal houses and higher nobility, but that's very far back in time, during the Middle Ages.

My maternal grandmother's family suffered all from the cruelty of the damn UPA in Wolyn. Some were bestially murdered, but my grandmother's parents and all of their children managed to get away, even though it was close sometimes.

I know at least about one story, that my greatgrandfather and his children ran and hided in the nearby woods, when the UPA came savaging their village.

But my greatgrandmother was struck by a condition of shock, so she just stood there in the kitchen and couldn't move.
Luckily the Ukrainians just passed and avoided going into my family's home, but it was damn close..

Ukrainians should stay out of my sight and I've very little, if anything, good to say about Ruthenians..

And yes, I have been doing genealogy for several years, so I am pretty much sure about the information I mentioned in the beginning.
10 Jun 2007
News / Polish & other children legally stolen from their parents in Germany [82]

Bratwurst > This is the fruit of your Jewish-controlled government. ^^

Germany has been f***ed up since the fall of Der Dritte Reich.
The Americans came and .. well, Americanized the whole Western sector. Then came the multi-culturalistic hippies with all their utopian ideals. Together with those two factors have the Jews lucrated on what may've been done to them during WW2 and have since then seeked to change everything into its opposite.

Germany has moved from being a ultra-right state to a ultra-left one in many ways.
What is there to be proud of..?

This current topic is pretty ironic. They've let islamists polute every corner of the German state, but they still keep up some regulations for Poles. - Maybe the Jewish minister of law thinks it to be all-right to punish the Poles for what she may see as a people, who discriminated them - EVEN though Poland has been the most open country for Jews, when everyone else rejected them, historically?

This thing doesn't help much. It isn't enough to to take away children and only think of the language skills. If Muslims don't want to fit in in a Western society, they should be kicked out to find a place, where their way of thinking is shared with the rest of the community.

29 Sep 2007
Genealogy / Leszczynski surname, Balcerzak [51]

Exactly what kind of information is it you are looking for about your family?
And what have you tried to find, so far? Local archives? Polish relatives?
And how much do you know about your family, like with exact dates, place names and so on?
29 Sep 2007
Polonia / Polish workers in Denmark [41]

It seems like there're more people from Denmark than I thought.

Stolte hilsener til jer begge.
29 Sep 2007
History / Polish resistance group under II World war in Denmark [18]

Well, Matyjasz, I've been brought up in Denmark, but I've never heard about Polish restistance groups in Denmark either.

The multi-culturalistic thought is everywhere in Denmark, mainly around the media/the press, politics and especially in the schools.

Therefore, you almost never learn about Danish patriotism in school nowadays, sadly.

Matyjasz, you can also find information through that article's references.
Look also at the BOPA and Holger Danske-articles.
5 Oct 2007
Polonia / Polish workers in Denmark [41]

Mazurek, hjertelig 'welcome' til forummet!
Det er hyggeligt nok, selvom en del af brugerne desværre er lige lovlig venstraradikale for min smag..

My story is a bit like yours.. My father doesn't see any point in me learning Polish, and earlier on, when my mother tried to teach some few things, then I just rejected to answer her.

As a child it was so easy just to do nothing.. And my mother just didn't do anything about it, so I've never learned much, until now, recently.

Maybe we can support eachother, in learning Polish.

How old are you, by the way?

I'm going to Szczecin the 14th to the 19th of this October, with the travelling agency at - those people who also arrange the so-called 'dentist-busses'.

30 Oct 2007
Polonia / Poles in Norway? Polish community in Oslo. [43]

The easiest way to find Polish people in our region is to find the near-by Catholic church on Sunday at mess.
In my town's local Catholic church there's a special mess, only in Polish by Polish priests, because we're so many in the neighbourhood.
12 Dec 2007
Polonia / Ever been to Sweden? [185]

Can't really get an idea of why people speak so much about Sweden.
Sweden has and is nothing, compared to the other Scandinavian nations.
Originally, Sweden didn't even have connection to the sea westwards, and Scania with its surroundings never ought to be described as Swedish territory.

Porta > That's why, our stores is crowded constantly by desperate Swedes, who load their wagons and whole tourist busses with our spirits. Norwegians come here as well, but it's much easier for the Scanians to do so.