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Speaks Polish?: it happens when I don't speak English which also happens

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1 Jan 2017
Language / Spelling of a Polish name? [38]

I hear "Woldoch" /voldokh/ being a family name. There are Polish names of "Wałdoch" /valdokh/ so it's the nearest possible shot.
23 Sep 2016
Real Estate / Is our Landlord in Poland trying to scam us? [16]

Get an outspoken Polish friend of yours to shed some commmon sense light on her in Polish and talk her out of her demands. Preferrably, a student of law who can speak at least a little bit of the legal lingo.
30 Jul 2016
Work / What you do not know about work & life in Poland. [7]

Before I say "Hate 'n' go" I would really like to read from Expat in Poland not the "common sense" truth about the Poles he read himself/herself in the press of doubtful provenance but his/her personal examples of what he/she writes about.

Revealed truth backfires in the long run.

Dare to share, Expat in Poland?
26 Jul 2016
Genealogy / I am hoping to find a woman in Warsaw but I need a little help... [16]

@Matt Guy
Yep, Nasza Klasa is Poland's answer to Facebook :). Regretfully, it doesn't have any English language interface AFAIK.

The details you gave in the last post exclude all potential candidates I found as based on the first name variations and the family name. BTW I checked all the possibilities as far the Polish spelling is concerned, so I gave it a try to Magdalena, Magda - Palys, Pałys, Palyś and Pałyś (mind the Polish diacritics).

None of the finds, however, has any info on attending a law school - not all people submit their schooling history, relatives' names, etc. At least on the publicly accessible "walls" there.

So I think it's a no-go for you.

You mentioned that you got a hold on her phone number. The prefix suggests it's a Warsaw-area fixed lines phone number. I could call this number up for you if you tipped me what I should say.

You also wrote you have her e-mail address. Why not dropping her a line yourself this way?
26 Jul 2016
Genealogy / I am hoping to find a woman in Warsaw but I need a little help... [16]

Happened to come across your post and being an occasional user of the Nasza Klasa (Our Class) social portal I ventured to search for the person you mentioned.

The query I submitted is specific to Polish language as women in Poland tend to use diminutive forms of their first names. So not only did I search for Magdalena P... as you specified but also queried for Magda P...

Yet I didn't try the more diminutives as Madzia, Magdusia, Magdalenka or others as they seem childish at least.

In the end the search yielded a couple of persons matching the query. One of them is 34 and married now and lives in Katowice.

However, she might not be the one you're after, so if you'd like to narrow down the criteria you could always send me more of her personal details in a PM.

Hope that helped a bit at least.