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5 Mar 2012
News / About fifty injured after two trains collide in Poland [73]

I'd leave in a shot except I'm tied down with a missus and a kid.

Just leave together Many Poles left Poland for greener pastures , why can`t you ?

Makes me sick.

Why don`t you focus on something constructive instead on whining . Such attitude will not help anyone. Why didn`t you go there ( you say you live in Śląsk )as a volunteer to those victims to give them hope coming out from a foreigner who is on a survival in Poland .
5 Mar 2012
News / About fifty injured after two trains collide in Poland [73]

Typical Polish reaction to blame everything else except themselves

You don`t have to live here . If you had some guts you would achieve something "grandeur in this substandard country" . If "nobody wants to try and change anything because that would involve gettin up off your arses" why don`t you take adventage of such easy conditions that Poland gives you , go for it .

10 May 2002
Main article: Potters Bar rail accidents
East Coast Main Line, Potters Bar, 10 May 2002; 7 killed, 76 injured: undetected points fault; derailed carriage rolled, coming to rest on platforms.

My question to you , who was responsible for the deaths of those 7 victims and 76 injured ?

Why are you pinpointing at Poles , while the same accidents happen in UK too? Why do you use w phrase " typical Polish reaction " I could say " typical British reaction to blame everything else except themselves .

Today the two train dispatchers were detained by the prosecution .So wait for the final conclusions before you come with the verdict.
4 Mar 2012
News / About fifty injured after two trains collide in Poland [73]

Why lie? The track was being modernised at the time.

This track was fully modernised and the process was completed . The works which were being done at that moment were routine, thats why one track was closed . The other train could enter conditionally while the lights were red and it was up to the railway post crew to manage this train go through safely while moving on the wrong track . The train was on the wrong track and on the red light . So the automatc system could not prevent this accident .

Talking about only human aspect . I find Polish people particulary sensitive and I am proud of our compatriots who rushed to the crash scene to carry on help . Among those folks there was a young men who helped few people to get out from the wreckage trains before the rescue teams arrived . The rescue teams arrived very quickly and the action was held very professionally There was around 450 fire fighters at the scene , 35 emergency crews and two helicopters and also 16 four legged friends .
4 Mar 2012
News / About fifty injured after two trains collide in Poland [73]

In this particular case the state of the railway system has nothing to do with this accident. This section was completely modernized last year.

Look at the list of recent very fatal disasters in Europe and Asia :

25 April 2005 - 107 dead , 460 ijured , Osaka Japan
22 September 2006 23 dead Germany
30 June 2009 29 dead Italy
15 February 2010 18 dead , 95 injured Belgium
30 January 2011 10 dead Germany
24 July 2011 25 dead , 200 injured (Czeciang) China

Poland is uderway of the extensive rail modernisation since II WW and not every rail track has been modernised yet but the progress is visible , although average person don`t have an idea about its scale . Poland has got one of the largest rail track system in Europe .It will take another several years to be completed .
4 Mar 2012
News / About fifty injured after two trains collide in Poland [73]

This is a very tragic accident and I hope that all injuries are not life threatening .

BTW I also hope that in 3 years the era of all ducks in Poland will end and we will enter new peaceful existence free of domestic fowl :) .