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21 Mar 2012
Food / How toxic is industrial salt? (some food factories in Poland used it for sausages) [49]

Here you go

Yes, GIS and Sanepid are really famous.
I had my own experiences this them:
We are involved in the production of diet supplements and I was very angry, that 50% of these offers (more than 1.500) at "allegro" was illegal. I sended a claim to GIS. The answer: " ... this offers are without a address, we cannot do something, but we have now your addres from your letter, we will make an inspection of your company ...".

The inspection-team came with 3 persons: one driver, one inspector for inspection and a 2nd inspector to observe inspector #1, that he will take no money.
And the inspector didn't had the smallest clue, what he should inspect in our company.
8 Mar 2012
Life / Cheapest telecommunication provider in Poland? [4]

I can confirm this opinion regarding PLAY. We changed in my company from Orange to PLAY and this reduced my invoices for about 75% !!!

Especially Orange is using a lot of fancy tricks to cheat their clients:
- the contracts are coming with a courier like UPS, the driver is waiting, you don't have any chance to read the contract before signing

or, either funny,
- there is no phone number available to call the Orange accounting dept. without a Orange mobile. If you have a claim and you number is blocked, you are forced to pay before the case is solved.
29 Feb 2012
Food / How toxic is industrial salt? (some food factories in Poland used it for sausages) [49]

understand that this case will reinforce your prejudice toward Polish food but before that case came into light what was the reason of your suspiciousness? You live in Poland and prefer a food which came through hundreds of miles?

This is not a prejudice. It is just my personal taste. I tried out during the last 20 year almost everything what the polish kitchen offers and my result is, that the food is very boring (only few different herbs and spices are used), greasily and made by 2nd. choice raw materials. In general not very healthy.
28 Feb 2012
Work / My friend is looking for a job in Poland with a physics degree [32]

I must confirm this. A lot of competition and if he really get a job, he will get a very bad salary. I was looking for my own company for a secretary with some technical skills and I got more than 100 applications from high educated and desperated persons (either from physics) - ok, we are located country-side, but in bigger cities it will not be better.

He should think twice about this idea.
28 Feb 2012
Food / How toxic is industrial salt? (some food factories in Poland used it for sausages) [49]

Hello together,

last weekend a new scandal occurs in Poland. 3 companies sold since 10 years 1.000 mt /monthly (3x1.000mt!!!!) industrial salt to food factories.
Most got used for cold cuts, sausages etc.
Does somebody knows, how toxic/dangerous this salt is in fact? Healthy it is in any case not, I guess.


P.S. I know, why I'm buying imported food :-)